LeiaPlayer Stereoscopic view editing

I m very happy with support of mpo and many sbs pictures. The tablet hardware performance is really super great.
There are still some functionalities to be improved… I m missing option when edit sbs or mpo picture. Now it auto switch to Lume 4v to increase depth etc. In case I edit picture from Stereoscopic view I expect to move one L and R pictures simply to calibrate best depth, decrease the crosstalk and level up-down L R pictures. I would like to save the changes as well under same name, so next time opening it shall be perfectly adjusted to the viewer.

I try to do it by stereoid pro android app but it does not help. When save the mpo file after adjustment it has no effect in lumepad. I m using some Stereoscopic tablets from the past like Flightdeck and it works well.

Anyhow Lumepad is far far the most sophisticated tablet on the market today. Really great job from Leia team…



Hey @johaninpika, thanks for the kind words!

Let me see what I can answer:

The focus is on getting SBS and MPO into the LIF format, as there is much more flexibility with forwards and backwards compatibility as a Lightfield image file than there is with the older formats. There are 3rd party tools that you can use on Android and Windows/Mac for editing those sorts of files.

When displayed in ST view mode, we display the 3D image as-is. Any of the adjustments you do in another app will appear in LeiaPlayer.

Are you sure that you’re viewing them in ST view mode? Changing the MPO may not affect the Lightfield view mode very much depending on the edits done, but it will change the view in ST. Make sure that the app is actually saving the MPO, either saving changes to the file itself or as a new file.

Thank you Nima for answering… let me do some comments…
Regarding Lif vs mpo… there is a must to keep both… for stereophotographers the sbs and mpo is important as we notice all details and wrong parts immediately. For the video material conversion the 4v and algorithm Leia created is very good. Lif format is also impressive for some first time experience viewer, multiangle observing etc. Also very good for different digital material, presenting 3d models etc. But photos of nature, our kids and family members… mpo stays a must keep…

Regarding editing with other apps it is very annoying opening, modifying, saving etc and repeating to repair crosstalk etc… very time consuming operations. I can do all other adjustments with some third party apps BUT adjustments LR distance … or adjustment of window or whatever you call it… this would be necessary. It shall work samee as editing LIF format… Just add the same feature to sbs and when edit from sbs view do not change it to Lif automatically.

Regarding MPO I try to change the distance between L and R and save as new picture. i test it again and I found out it has effect in LeiaPlayer. But not same as I did… looks like problem with the format of tablet … different size than photos and consequently the L and R picture get kind of shifting in between. When I overdrive the shifting manually I can get perfect setting and good viewpoint in LeiaPlayer.
But it is guessing the adjustment as blind and jumping in and out between apps what is a big pain…

Just to clarify @johaninpika, when you convert an MPO to an LIF, they will look 100% identical when viewed in ST view mode, there is no difference between the MPO and LIF formats in that viewing mode. All LIF does is ensure that the image can be viewed in 2D on all devices (where MPO is not supported everywhere) and it ensures that Leia devices can edit and transform the Lightfield part of the file.

Our analytics show that only a tiny fraction of our users use MPO and JPS files, so adding explicit editing support for them probably will not happen. 3rd party tools like 3DSteroid work great though! It’s what I use when constructing and editing SBS images I’ve taken in video games. You can use the Square Menu button on Lume Pad to launch the app switcher and easily jump between two applications on Android.

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Thanks I didn’t know it… are you suggesting to transform mpo to Lif? Which program to be used?

LeiaPlayer can do it! Simply tap the “Edit” button on an image and then hit save, it will save as a LIF.

I’d recommend tuning the MPO to your liking in another app first, so the stereo view looks good, then tune it in the Edit screen of LeiaPlayer so the 4V looks good too.