LeiaPlayer- All imported SBS photos stuck at bottom of 3D Focus range

I’m trying to get a slideshow windowed properly on the Lume Pad 2. All images are properly aligned using SPM. When I import the SBS images onto the LP2, I am stuck at the bottom of the sliders. I can’t window properly on the device since I have no room to adjust. Any thoughts?

Here is an example-

Slider stuck all the way at the bottom. I’d think it would default to 0, no? This happens when I add _reconv tag, also with default. Both are imported with “_2x1” tag.

If you’re editing in StereoPhoto Maker, why are you trying to edit again in LeiaPlayer? You should master the final version in StereoPhoto Maker, LeiaPlayer will not adjust it and will play it as-is.

When you edit an SBS in LeiaPlayer, it converts the file into an LIF file. The edit values are based on what LeiaPlayer sees in the disparity of your picture. Based on the values it’s seeing, it is presenting the range it thinks is reasonable.

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I’ve experienced this for quite a lot of sbs photos taken on my iPhone 15 Pro and was thinking of making the same type of post. There are a surprising number of cases where it doesn’t accurately assess the disparity. And then you end up with the situation shown in the image above where there’s quite a bit of disparity that still needs to be adjusted, or its just about there, but it’s already at the bottom so you can’t do anything about it. Seems worth looking into

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I don’t want to edit again in LeiaPlayer. I thought it was pretty obvious that I’m editing only to reduce ghosting on the device. The images are already aligned to reduce ghosting on my passive monitor. If it is best that I batch re-align them all to some acceptable disparity to reduce ghosting on the LP2, I could do that. However, I don’t know the “special sauce” at this point to do that. And I haven’t seen anyone else in the community who knows either.

I’m surprised it presents a “reasonable range” but sets itself to the very bottom of that range. Why doesn’t it set itself to the middle of the range? It’d be like if SPM alignment right/left arrows just stopped working at some point because it reached whatever the program thought was “good enough”.

The new file which I presume is a resulting .LIF, is then saved at the beginning of the images, throwing off the entire album order I set up before loading the images.

(Edit to add thanks again for all the time and care you put in to responding and addressing issues for the stereo community, even though I understand we are a small segment of the business).