Spatialify iPhone App Photos on LeiaView not aligning properly

Taken a bunch of spatial photos over Christmas for the first time on my iPhone with the Spatialify app. Exported them in full SBS (2 image files) and dragged & dropped them onto a thumbdrive then copied them onto my LumePad 2.

When viewing the photos in the LeiaView app there is so much ghosting from the images not aligning properly, when I go to edit them to change the 3D focus to line up correctly (usually the max of 2.1%) it saves a 2D image then wants to convert that now single oddly degraded quality single 2D picture to 3D with very mixed results.

What can I do to get the focus changed images to save properly or view them without having to view them in the edit screen? Any tips appreciated. Thank you kindly.

I don’t know about photos, since Apple’s only official support right now is Spatial Video.

But using Spatialify with Spatial Video, Apple has a Horizontal Disparity value that you can enable, which should be enabled to make sure you’re getting a good image.

If you don’t like the quality of an SBS when viewed in LeiaPlayer (photo or video) try adding the “_reconv” tag to the filename to flag to LeiaPlayer to apply auto-reconvergence to the media file.

If you don’t like those results, use a 3rd party tool like StereoPhoto Maker to edit the SBS to something that you like for the Lume Pad 2 display. Remember, high contrast and high disparity content may experience crosstalk on the display, so if you want to resolve that, either reduce the contrast and/or the disparity.

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What are your export settings including the two toggles? I have done over 17 gig of conversions with excellent results. I do have a problem with my finger partially covering the lense. It doesn’t show in two D but it does show in 3D. Moving the camera too much does case ghostly stuff. Most of my stuff was using a gimbal. The hand held stuff needed work on technique.

Are you saying when you edit the 3D alignment with the slider and click save, it saves it as a 2D image and then tries to convert it into 3D? I have never had that happen to me, but there is misalignment most of the time when I view spatial photos directly imported to the Lume Pad 2. They need to be aligned with the edit tool in Leia Player. However, as discussed in another post, there seems to be a bit of a bug where it doesn’t properly assess the level of disparity for the 3D image and you end up having the slider already at the bottom. For those images it isn’t possible to fully adjust the misalignment using Leia Player alone yet.