Is there a way to move the 3D model further away?

The default 3D models in LeiaViewer are a great way to showcase the 3D capability of the Lumi Pad 2, imho the best way if you want to show it to someone else. They look amazing e.g. the swimming turtle.

However (personal preference) by default the models are very close to you (they are located almost in front of the physical screen) which causes me headache. I would prefer them to be located much further away, behind the physical screen. Is this possible?

This is not specific to the Lume Pad 2, I have this preference for all my 3D devices (VR, Nintendo 3DS).

You can manually pinch and zoom after loading the model. Or instead, the model itself can be set up so that it’s offset backwards from the origin.

Otherwise, there’s no global setting to offset all models backwards before launching them.

Is there any chance this could be implemented at some point?

In LeaiViewer you can already rotate the model up/down/left/right and zoom in/out. It would make a lot of sense to be able to move it closer/farther. And btw it would also make sense to implement moving it up/down/left/right (which is impossible atm iirc) because once you zoom in you typically only see the object center even though you would like to see other parts.

So, basically, implementing move closer/farther/up/down/left/right (all 6 directions in 3D space) would be awesome imho.

You can move models already up/down/left/right by swiping with 2 fingers instead of just 1 (which is for rotation).