Loading 3d in Leia Viewer

Hello! I just purchased the last Lume Pad 2 that was available at Siggraph end of day Thursday. It’s a very cool device and I’m anxious to start getting my 3d models and Unreal Engine projects ported over.

A few questions:

  1. Where do the included Leia Viewer 3d models reside in the file structure? Are we able to install our own custom 3d files to this directory?

  2. When attempting to Load 3d Model, I am constantly reminded to “Make sure you set All Files access permission in Settings->Apps->Special app access”, which I’ve done. Coming from iPadOS, I should mention that I’m totally new to Android, this being my first Android tablet. Once I select “continue”, I see the LP2 hard drive icon, and a Downloads folder. Is there a way to access Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud from this screen? I can’t find anywhere to access a new drive location. I did, however, discover that I could attach this to my desktop PC and copy files over to a new directory. I’m hoping to be able to access Google Drive or Dropbox.

  3. I noticed a few issues loading some of my Sketchfab models. A few would import with what appears to be inverted normals and a weird translucent appearance.

  4. Those that did import didn’t appear to have an HDRI associated, so my metallic properties appear dull with no reflections. Is this supported in Leia Viewer? Alternatively, is there a file type that does support embedding an HDRI with the model? My workflow is typically exporting PBR textures from Substance Painter. Recently, I’ve had great success exporting Unreal Engine textures with USD export option. Ideally, it would be great to swap HDRI maps on the fly.

I’d love to interact with any Unreal Engine developers, as I’ve very excited to try exporting some experiences over to the Lume Pad 2. Thx!

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This is not an answer to your questions but may still be helpful regarding 3D models. We have been testing the Leia viewer lately and found that the support for 3D models is lacking. More specifically, it doesn’t support maps properly, such as bump maps, only colour. With only the stereoscopic view and colour supported the value of this viewer goes down significantly. Leia is aware of this and adviced us to develop a new viewer, which we think is their job as the upgrade would expand the market for them significantly. Still, it would be interesting to look at how much work this task would entail, and we hope someone will be interested in looking at the code - we are not coders ourselves.

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