LeiaViewer 2.1 is now available

LeiaViewer 2.1 is now here, with better performance and better support for rare configurations of existing supported 3D model formats and a new UI.

LeiaViewer Version 2.1.2 Release Notes
• Updated UI
• Improved model loading support
• Bug fixes and performance improvements
• Requires Leia DisplayConfig v0.7.86 or higher
• Requires Leia FaceTracking v0.7.79 or higher


Wow! Very much appreciate this update :heart_eyes:

Would be great if you could give some details to Improved model loading support.

Thank you!

This is by far the best version of the Leia model viewer so far, and I’d even go so far as to say it now has the smoothest, closest to perfect UI out of all of the Leia Apps. You’ve created something beautiful with this one! Adding in more compatibility for additional file types that are commonly found on sketchfab is really the only thing I can think of that would make this more complete, and can be iterated gradually with future updates.

There’s only one other thing, and I’m sure the thought must have crossed your mind too, is to add NeRF or Gaussian splatting scene compatibility to the viewer. Or even integrate with Luma AI Interactive scenes. That would truly be something to behold

I haven’t used my Luma Pad 2 in a few months, so just now diving back in. Great to see the updates. A few questions:

  1. Any chance for the ability to log into our own Sketchfab accounts?
  2. If I can’t log in, how about SEARCH capabilities?
  3. Ok, I can’t access my Sketchfab. Hmm, let’s try logging in via Google Chrome. Is it possible to work with Sketchfab to “View in VR” and get the 3d to work this way?
  4. Is there a FILES app for Android? I am able to download one of my Sketchfab files through Google Chrome, but have absolutely no idea where they are being saved to. How do we manage files and directories on the Lume Pad 2? I’m used to using the Files app on my iPad Pro.
  5. Will there be support for .USD/Z files? These are now easily exportable from Substance Painter.
  6. Ability to save edited settings for subsequent viewing of the 3d model. Lighting with defined color and brightness, materials, background, etc.

Ad a 3d creator, I was initially excited about getting my original content over to the Lume Pad for viewing, but it’s really a hassle and somewhat frustrating. Also noticing that when I WAS able to get something over, there was no PBR lighting taking place inside LeiaViewer whatsoever. Like, where is my metallic properties, or the HDRI being used from Sketchfab? I feel this app really needs to be overhauled and updated to support these 3d standards properly. Ideally, it should act like a real-time viewer (i.e., Unreal Engine) so I can simply import a 3d model with associated maps, and then perform real-time lighting/HDRI and postFX.

Alternatively, perhaps workout a license scenario with Sketchfab for native support on the Lume Pad 2?

Hello stevetalkowski,

My name is Joseph and I am one of the developers for LeiaViewer. Thank you for these questions. I will do my best to address them in order.

1, 2, 3: We have confirmed that LeiaViewer ↔ Sketchfab communication is in order. This is the first we have heard of this issue and suspect it may be related to your Sketchfab account or access tokens. Please see if

  • Clearing app cache
  • Logging out / into your Sketchfab account
  • Uninstalling / reintalling the app

resolves your issue. If not, we can dive further into troubleshooting.

  1. We do have a file tool built into LeiaViewer. Please see or documentation here

  2. We use a third party tool, TriLib for our file support and defer to their standards. On that same documentation page, you should see a section for file support.

Please note: There are countless options for exporting 3D models in all file types. We encourage creators to try to export their models with cross compatibility in mind. As one example, we have seen FBX can be exported with textures embedded or in a separate folder: embedded is generally a safer bet.

  1. This is a feature we have planned though we do not have a release date at this moment.

Hope this helps, happy creating!


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the detailed response!

After clearing the app cache and logging out and back into my Sketchfab account, I do now see i am able to log in. So that worked.

Regarding issue 5, I did visit the TriLib site and have been experimenting with loading a supported test file into it. TriLib supports metallic, roughness and normal maps, however, LeiaViewer appears not to. In the attached image, you can see a test model. The upper right image is from Substance Painter. It was exported with the gltf template, then this model and textures were uploaded to Sketchfab (upper right hand window). The middle image is the file opened in TriLib, and the bottom is the model added to LeiaViewer from my Sketchfab account. Unfortunately, the only texture that appears to make it over is the base color.

Is it possible for LeiaViewer to be further developed so that all essential textures - along with an HDRI image - can be fully supported?

Thank you, was about to ask exactly the same :+1:

Desperately need this feature!