Lume Pad out of stock

During the Prime Day the price of Lume Pad was amazing and I have tried to purchase a (one more :slight_smile: ) Lume Pad for my daughter, but unfortunately this was not for European customers. Anyway I see that from that day Lume Pad is out of stock and even not appearing when one makes a search in (I access its page by using the browsing history). Will it be back in stock someday? or it can now be considered obsolete? I see from Leia website that currently there is not a “Lume Pad 2.0” in the foreseeable future (well actually it is listed a bigger tablet available to partner, not for public, later this year)

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Hello Marco! Thanks for the message! At this time we are out of stock for the foreseeable future and making room for exciting updates coming later this year. Lume Pad 1 was just the beginning and has given access to so many creative people, of all ages, around the world. The future is bright for our community :dizzy: We have in-person and virtual events, as well as tutorials coming up so stay tuned!

  • Marlon, Social and Community Manager :checkered_flag:

I’m happy to hear you’re still in business. I love my Lume Pad, not only for viewing 3D, but for everything else, too. It’s my favorite pad right now. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.