I love my Lume Pad

Hello Nima Hello Everyone at Lume Pad
I am brand new here I love my Lume Pad… I have had my Lume pad for 2 weeks now and I love it so much… I got it used on ebay , yeah I didn’t pay full price for it but I believe it’s in better hands now rather than sitting in a box by itself. To my surprise it was an open box but never touched the foam and plastic were still around the Lume Pad cords and everything including the cover were still in plastic … I was crying when I received it. I have wanted a Lume pad for around 3 years now, I have wanted one since I first heard they were coming out , I couldn’t afford one at the time … I have a few 3D devices already and I have to say this is by far the most special. I have read lots of comments here I see allot of complaining I don;t understand I have no complaints My Lume Pad is so special to me,I could only hope that one day I will own a LUME PAD 2… Unfortunately I cannot afford one at the moment I got my original Lume Pad for a steel of the century I was lucky … and I would do anything for a Lume Pad 2 so all you complainers should really be fortunate to Own such a Prized Item if its the Lume Pad Or the Lume Pad 2 I have done so much with my Lume pad and I love it…if anyone knows of some tricks or anything fun things they discovered please let me know, I’ve posted some pics of what my Lume Pad can do already and about to post a video about my Lume Pad thanks everyone and lets enjoy our Lume Pads ::


Yes they are both amazing, watch some YouTube music videos like Transmission
Mind blowing

Hi James !
I too am a LumePad enthusiast. A quick warning that I learned the hard way.
Not a great idea to leave the pad plugged-in for extended times.
I used to do this, and eventually the batteries swelled-up so much that the screen popped-out of the case!
Leia was kind enough to send me a replacement for about $100. I’m investigating getting it repaired, but that would probably cost more than my replacement!
…just a heads-up man!!

hmm I will have to check

I really appreciate you letting me know that? I would have lost my mind and be and and been sad forever if anything like that happened to me. Trust me I won’t be doing that lol I already am overprotective of my Lume Pad So I haven’t really been keeping it plugged in, however I plug it in often… I get several hours on a full charge but I’m not going to lie I am playing with my Lume Pad almost constantly so even the extended live of the charger I do charge it frequently and been worried I’m the one who’s too damn much for my Lume Pad lol I never git the poor thing a break … I am happy you told me that also It goes to show you what an awesome company Leia is for replacing it for you reasonably most company’s wont even respond back or flat out tell you “there is nothing wrong” for example powerbeats “not” pro lol from a well known company … IM not here to bash anyone I just wanted to point out what an awesome company and staff Leia Inc is I been in here reading allot even before my Lume Pad arrived I been reading so much and I can tell what kinda people were dealing with … even the complainers get real live responces from a official Leia Inc staff member I find that super impressive … so again I probably would go for the replacement the overcharged one probably has other damage if you say it swelled up …quick question are you using a fast charging plug ? because I have been using one of those and it charges super fast I didn’t think that was bad … but maybe I need to spoil my Lume Pad a little better from now on …>

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So glad to hear you finally got a LumePad! I was also blown away by mine when I got it (still am) and think 1 and 2 are some of the most incredible mobile devices ever made. I have a YouTube channel where I make content about devices with 3D displays, which for now pretty much = Lume Pad 1 and 2, which I think you would enjoy if you like the tablet as much as I do.

Feel free to comment on any of my videos and let me know your thoughts on the different things I talk about regarding the tablets and other 3D stuff. Some of my videos are even produced in native 3D, so you can watch those in 3D on your lume pad using LeiaTube. Heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PZK6s-z3YPok9P4F5toHA

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thanks wil do

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I use the Lumepad 1 alot it is amazing.
I think Leia still should make them and offer the Lumepad 1 as an entry level device