Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D are in the wild!

As of this week, our first users are finally starting to receive Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D around the world and starting to share unboxing photos and explore and create with it!

Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve seen pop up:

Have you seen them in the wild? Do you have your own unboxing photos or images you’ve taken with LeiaCam? If so, drop them in this thread and share with us what has you most excited!


On May 9, 2023, I ordered the Pad 2, and the Stand as well, i.e., order no. 5560. I provided complete shipping info; Leia, Inc. emailed me an order confirmation.
Further, my bank indicates that it paid Leia Inc. the sum of $1,311.82. But Leia, Inc. won’t ship my order items.

Can someone help me please?

Your site states as follows: "Orders Monday-Friday before 12 PM CST are packed and shipped the same day. Orders Monday-Friday before 12 PM CST are packed and shipped the same day. "

Hi Keith:

I see your order is shipped and out for delivery!

We normally send email an alerting our customer that the order has been shipped with tracking information.

Feel free to contact us at for order info!


Eric Sheets
Leia Inc. Customer Success Manager


Mr. Sheets,

Thank you for your investigation and reply. I received the email today, at !!:45 AM: The message contained the shipment info, along with FedEx tracking. It indicates that FedEx received the package on May 9; actually, it should be arriving any minute now!

I’ll look forward to the unboxing. Further, certainly hope to appreciate the Lume-Pad experience.

Regards, Keith Troy


I Love my Lume Pad 2 and enjoy using it more than my iPad! why? The screen most of all, it just blows everything away even 2D. Is a fast processor and the ability to add storage etc…

Now if only there were a better case to make it more usable as an everyday business and personal device.

So I bought a Samsung tab,etc case and modified it. Here are some pics.

Also I literally no longer play COD on the PC or even my ASUS ROG Ally. This device kicks fanny on all those platforms. Love it.

I really think Lume 2 can compete in the business and gaming sector but really needs better options for carrying, storing, and using…


Awesome share, @FlyByMan!!!