Reservations open for world’s first ai-powered 3d tablet: award-winning lume pad 2 by leia inc

Hello community!

Today is a very exciting day as we celebrate the start of a new chapter for 3D•AI! The future of 3D viewing is here: United States reservations are now open for Leia Inc.’s Lume Pad 2, the world’s first 3D•AI tablet equipped with embedded technology to create fully immersive 3D calling, streaming, gaming experiences along with content sharing and creation apps.

After so much anticipation, I’m thrilled to celebrate this news with our community. Congratulations to my many brilliant colleagues, for their vision and commitment to making this dream a reality. And to our inspiring community here that has shown us their magic on LeiaPix and across social media.

Starting today in the United States, the Lume Pad 2 is available for reservation via our site at a suggested retail price of $1,099. Customers who reserve before March 31 will receive a $100 discount when they confirm their order in April, when tablets begin shipping.

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Hi Marlon,

I wonder what Lume Pad 2 3D effect looks like as compared to Lume pad ST and 4V modes … Personnaly I only use the ST mode since it is much more impressive than the 4V mode… What are the choices, if any, with the LUME PAD 2 ?
Thanks and regards,

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For security reasons, I hope it’s running the latest release of the Android operating system, anything less in this age of cybersecurity mayhem would be a deal breaker for most people. I’m using my Lume pad strictly as a camera and display unit only, not what I had originally intended… Any updates on YT failure or OS updates?

Hi Philip!

The Lume Pad 2 is 2x the resolution of its predecessor and includes Leia FaceTracking for deep, smooth parallax and a wider field of view! You can bring in any image and convert it to 3D on the Lume Pad 2 with one button. Due to the new features 4V is no longer supported. That said, if you are shooting stereo pairs you can simply rename the file and you have yourself a wonderful 3D image. Let me know if you have any other questions, Philip!

Indeed it is, Lester. Lume Pad 2 ships with Android 12, the latest version. Watch youtube videos in 3D with LeiaTube with one button. Let us know if you have any other questions.