Difference between Lume Pad 1 and Lume Pad 2?

Whats the main difference between Lume Pad 1 and Lume Pad 2?

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Hi @Mawetep! Glad you asked.

There is so much to celebrate on this next generation of Lume Pad 2. The main difference here is 2X the resolution and Leia Facetracking for smooth, deep parallax that enables the viewer to get a wider field of view and stay in 3D while they use the device, no more jumps. For those that have experienced VR, this is like having a window into a 6DoF world.

These new features have allowed us to expand the content ecosystem even further through the use of AI. Lume Pad 2 includes LeiaChat powered by Zoom - first 3D chat shipped on any device, as well as LeiaDream with Stable Diffusion to 3D for prompt based generative art. Additionally you have an AI assistant on LeiaCam which controls the stereo cameras on the back and front for up to 5K per eye. LeiaTube remains a favorite with the ability to take any youtube, vimeo, and videos made in VR180/360 and view them in 3D without special eyewear. Now at more than 2X the 3D resolution.

All this to say that this device comes loaded with top of the line hardware specs, AI software, and content to enjoy.

If you have any other questions, please let me know! If you’d like a full walkthrough, check out this video from Jonathan Winbush! First AI Powered 3D tablet | Lume Pad 2 - YouTube



Hey @Marlon , could you also speak to differences of the head tracking cameras going from portrait orientation on 1 to landscape orientation on the 2? Does 3D still work in portrait mode on the Lume Pad 2 or is 3D landscape orientation only?


Out side the USA we can only purchase the ZTE 3D pad and as it the sister device to the Lumepad 2, can it be also referred to at the same time as the Lumepad 2 in functions and operations. Thanks

Good question! This device would be for landscape orientation with Leia Facetracking.

Thanks! Hoping next model will be able to switch from landscape to portrait-orientated 3D as well, as most of my photos are taken on a phone which is commonly in portrait orientation.


Can the LumePad 2 display VR180 still photographs in 3D? If so, can the user scroll and zoom similarly to how you can view MPOs on the LumePad 1?

Hey Michael,

VR180 photo support hasn’t been implemented yet.


Thank you for the quick response

What is the fastest speed/size the MicroSDXC port support?

I can confirm that this one works, 512GB and 200Mb/s


Thanks for sharing that Andres!

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I’m not gonna lie… This device is amazing (bye bye ipad)!:clap: :clap:


Agree! So inspiring :star_struck:


I have a bunch of tablets, but they haven’t really innovated in a while. I guess 120Hz was a big deal, but aside from that it’s been the same for years. This 3D screen is actually something new.


UHS-1 is the maximum speed class of the MicroSD reader in Lume Pad 2.

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The one I got claims 200MB/s, I’d have to test it to verify but that sounds about right.