Using a MicroSD card for 3D files (ExFAT / NTFS support too)

With the new version of the Lume Pad 2 firmware, we shipped a new file browser from ZTE called the MyOS File Manager, which is simply called “File Manager” on the Lume Pad 2.

This file browser lets you read and write both FAT32 and ExFAT file system formats from MicroSD cards and other external storage devices, and lets you read (but not write) NTFS. You can manage files on external devices with these formats, and copy or move files back and forth.

It also allows you to play 3D files from those devices on LeiaPlayer. Simply browse the File Manager app, find the content you want, and tap to open a photo or video file. The first time you do it, it should pop up a menu giving a choice of which app to use. Choose LeiaPlayer. Then it will instantly open LeiaPlayer and play back your photo or video from your MicroSD card in 3D!

The second time you do it, LeiaPlayer should be at the top of the menu, and it’ll give you the choice to “Always” use LeiaPlayer. You can tap that to skip the menu completely and make the process automatic every time.

When you’re done playing the content in 3D and you hit back, it will return you to the MyOS File Manager so you can choose another file to view.

NOTE: There are a couple of limitations. It works with SBS, but the file must have “_2x1” in the filename. It also works with LIF and MPO files. However, it only plays back LVF (3D MP4 files taken with LeiaCam) in 2D. And though File Manager can also load 2D photos and videos into LeiaPlayer, 2D to 3D conversion on those files won’t work, as LeiaPlayer can’t modify files loaded from other apps.

As long as you take the limitations into account, using File Manager is an incredibly fast and snappy way to browse and view 3D photos and videos from your MicroSD card and USB drives in 3D using LeiaPlayer’s media viewer. Hopefully this will tide everyone over until we release the LeiaPlayer update with full MicroSD and USB drive support.

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy!


Are there instructions on how to upgrade my existing Lume Pad 2? What is the version number for the new firmware? My Lume Pad says that I’m running the latest version.

It’s linked above, but here’s the link again for posterity: Lume Pad 2 OS Upgrade: LumeUI Version 1.0.48