My Lume Pad is a noob and so am I. Help plzzzz! <333

I have almost zero access to anything on my device and i dislike it. I love all i have started and would love to finish. To start getting to actual download my apps that were featured would be amazing. How can please begin using all the amazing features as a consumer would be great. Any Technical Support number would be cool. Any information on to keep my device up to date again… Amazing info i need and i think google wont allow such greatness like lit by leia to happen cuz google isnt as advance as an operating system. Any way to close google and begin the honest lightfield experience would be the time of my while using this device?? Do we need digimon games?? Should we tap into 8 digit monster codes to help back this product?? Please incorporate this understanding to the lume pad. This device can stand to the test of time i know it. Please help me succedd as a future gamer here. I need every up to date latest archive and legal hacks to succedd against the competion. Thxs XD!!

Hello and Welcome to the Community,
could you explain in detail what doesn’t Work?

It seems that you did use some kind of Translation Service because your post is pretty hard to understand.

I want lightfield digimon. Hows that hard to understand?? I am no expert. I cant even open my app store preinstalled on my device

Lets go oddy!!!

Hey @TTTripsTOP,

You can send any questions you have about how to use the device to and they’ll be able to answer your questions.

One way to get Digimon in Lightfield is to get videos of Digimon Adventures or Digimon Tamers (or Tri or Frontier if that’s more your speed), put them on your Lume Pad exactly the same way as any other Android tablet, and play them back in 3D on the newest version of LeiaPlayer. Or, if you can find the videos on YouTube, share them to LeiaTube and they’ll play in 3D instantly.

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Wow! What a start. Thank you!!
Here are my entire Specs. .
(I want this, even yu-gi-oh, pokemon, and all the magic i dislike. I hope for a “can we” on lit by leia.)

Model & Hardware: LPD-10W
Android Version: 10
Build Number: LUME_UI_1.1.7_LPD10_CN

CMIIT ID: 2020AJ10398
Model # is the same as US: LPD-10W

Recieved Date:

Quick details about my apps…

-Version: 1.0.429

It runs as a constant beta. My apps appear differently even though zero updates been installed. I cant register a pin. I dont even know if my account is really legit or not.

Websurfing google is having many browing errors. was flagged as a dangerious site.
Id like to offer any services i can to stop google from not allowing holographic lightfield display. BTW

Leia Hospitality
-Version: 1.0
Allows only about half of its content.

-Version: 1.0.16
Seems to be working fine.

Leia Spotlight
-Version: 1.2.162

-Version: 2.17.31234
Working even to its LeiaStream and gallery options.

-Version: 1.2.9
Loads all that was pre installed (the one pumpkin). After downloading the “Final RED Hydrogen One Builds” I got access to the boot and sea turtle. Sketchfab Explorer opened up on the side as a little bubble, randomly like five minutes after the download. Sketchfab explorer offered combality issues to its rendering on about half the displays. I got the Black Dragon though which waz Amazing!! Worth $5k just to see. I swear… Ummm anyways!

-Version: 2.4.18122
Is still the great H4V Holohraphic Lightfield social media platform we all love.

I am using Bing to browse the web. I was given firefox to start. Also the entire tablet was completly chinesse to start.

I am using uptodown to download apps and other well known features.

I bought this really to expand off my RED Hydrogen One like explained on its final builds page. I saw all the latest cool features and didnt mind that RED Media Machine was discontinued. Now i didnt expect my tablet out the box to missing all its feautues. I am not claiming anything. Just that i wish to help make the better out of this and use my lit by leia appstore. What is it, LeiaApps?

I personally want an entire system update for all coming buyers to have zero issues getting into this like me.

I have an email if any wants to reach me directly with any help.

Thxs XD!!

Hey @TTTripsTOP, your device is an unreleased Chinese version that Leia has never sold. If you bought it from eBay or another 3rd party store you should try to ask for a refund as the product is not supported by Leia.

For more help and options moving forward, please reach out to

I figured this. Did not believe it… For some how i wish for an all around universal product. This bites! Can you direct me to any latest working product?

The first generation Lume Pad is fully sold out worldwide and will not be coming back into stock.

Please reach out to and we’ll see what we can do.

How can this be?? No way for a universal update. Is it going to be released in the near future or somehow, any date i can expect?

I am very excited to say that I kept my intrests and it paid off. I am running the leia app store and all other leia apps. Super excited! Thanks!!<33