LeiaCam cannot work on the Lume pad 1

leialoft store cannot download any app in Lume pad 1. The prompt is error, please try again, even if registered account login is the same promotion, may I ask how to solve this problem; but I cannot use the camera software that comes with the system. The prompt says that I need to update, but the update needs to be added to the store. I just want to experience the available camera software; it said: leiacam has experience a fatal error, please update to the latest version,but i cannot finish update, my room is lume ui 1.1.12 lpd10 cn.

Have you tried a factory reset get the device back to original set up

i have tried it, but it didnot work, the same issue

I think you should take screenshots of the errors and send them to support for help.
You may have to reinstall apps but connect support first

As I’ve mentioned to you before @shajia1996 you are a Chinese user in China using the Chinese Lume Pad firmware which is NOT supported.

Please reach out to help@leiainc.com, there is nothing anyone else can do for you besides Leia support.