Error: LeiaCam has experienced a fatal error. Please update to the latest version to use the camera

This is the message I get when opening the Leia Cam app. It first happened after using the app and seeing that there was an update available to Leia Cam.
I then reached out to support which by that point a new firmware update had a occurred. But unfortunately that did not fix the issue either. I then deleted the cache and data to where it would let me re-install from the Leia Store but still have the same issue. The main back camera still works using other camera apps on the google market…

I then received a replacement in the mail before completely making the decision to return my current tablet today, as that part had not been brought up yet. Which I hate to say I have bad OCD as there is a hair underneath the screen of the new tablet and would prefer to keep my current tablet that has a perfect screen but the camera issue.

I understand that a bug like this is vital for review but at the same time I’d like to keep the same tablet I have. Since a factory reset could interfere with the bug I haven’t done that yet either as I wouldn’t want to factory reset every time a future bug may occur…

Is there an APK of a previous version of Leia Cam that can be sent over for me to see if somehow my install is not working correctly?

Go to app info, and right above the 3 dots , select remove updates, and you’re back on previous version.
Clear cache and data only can maybe also help

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Wow, I didn’t see this option! I went as far as disabling the app and re-installing in the store with no luck but this worked. I was then able to successfully update to the latest version. Thank you!!!

No problem at all, happy holidays

Thanks, I just had this glitch as well and this did the trick.

Once I removed all the updates and opened the camera I didn’t get an update notification. If this happens to anyone else reading this go to the LeiaLoft Store < LeiaCam and select the circle arrow to manually download the update.