LeiaCamera crash

Hello. I bought a LumePad2 last December and I am very happy with it, but since yesterday, LeiaCamera has suddenly stopped starting and crashing. No matter how many times I start it, it just crashes, no change.
LeiaPlayer and LeiaViewer also behave strangely, and I can no longer convert them to 3D; they switch to 3D for a moment, then immediately switch to 2D. I am thinking it is probably because it crashes and becomes unresponsive when trying to call LeiaCamera.
I tried dropping the version of LeiaCamera and downloading it again from the AppStore, but no change.
I had no choice but to try a factory setup, completely erasing all data once, but the symptoms of LeiaCamera were still the same and it still would not start.

Is there anything I can do to normalize the situation?

Please reach out to help@leiainc.com and they will try to help resolve your issue.

Hello, Not experiencing the crashes that this person has had, however, I took my LumePad 2 on a trip and when I took a 3D photo with the tablet, I noticed that the image stopped responding, and the little circle over the image kept running. After a while, I had to hit the ‘back arrow’ and restart the LeiaCam. And then it appeared to work ok. It seems that this happens only when the app has been closed, and then restarted and when I take the first picture. Anyone else experiencing this?

My general experience: easy going does it. Let startup processes do their work. And when nothing works, force stop the app, reboot and be patient. Launching from the app store could also pull some init trigger?