LeiaCamera crash

Hello. I bought a LumePad2 last December and I am very happy with it, but since yesterday, LeiaCamera has suddenly stopped starting and crashing. No matter how many times I start it, it just crashes, no change.
LeiaPlayer and LeiaViewer also behave strangely, and I can no longer convert them to 3D; they switch to 3D for a moment, then immediately switch to 2D. I am thinking it is probably because it crashes and becomes unresponsive when trying to call LeiaCamera.
I tried dropping the version of LeiaCamera and downloading it again from the AppStore, but no change.
I had no choice but to try a factory setup, completely erasing all data once, but the symptoms of LeiaCamera were still the same and it still would not start.

Is there anything I can do to normalize the situation?

Please reach out to help@leiainc.com and they will try to help resolve your issue.