Leia app crashing


Any known issues related to this. Been like this for a while if it makes further it crashes installing of opening other apps.

Which app are you having this issue with? What is it doing?

The main app store app, any app download or update in it. Says not responding wait or close.

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Okay, the team has seen some bugs with the Leia Appstore, I’ll make sure fixing this is a top priority for them.

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Ok thanks for the update.

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Received the Lume Pad 2 around the 19th of April
and have been enjoying the 3D features.

Now I’m having an issue with LeiaLink in the LeiaPlayer app.
It is now crashing within 15 seconds after opening. I have no time to view and chose any pictures on the screen. Had no problem with it before this week. I’ve even decided to do a factory reset on the Lume Pad, twice, one without using my backup choice and one with backups and it still consistently crashes.

Are you using an iPhone? Any chance you tried to upload an SBS image in LeiaLink either from iOS or Android?

You may need to reach out to help@leiainc.com to get to the bottom of your issue.

Yes, I use an iPhone 14 Pro Max and I might have used the LeiaLink app to send an SBS image that I first emailed an image attachment to my iPhone and decided to send back to the Lume Pad 2, but the LeaLink app still crashes when I attempted a complete factory reset without providing an existing backup and I did not attempt to resend any images after the virgin reset.