LeiaPlayer crashing with Lumelink

Strangely, whenever I try to view the photos via Lumelink and click on them, LeiaPlayer always crashes. What can I do?

Hey @Romius, we’ve had some issues with images based on the kind of image uploaded.

Do any images work? Did they stop working after you uploaded a specific image? Can you delete all the images and try again, one by one? Can you clear the cache of the app and try to redownload the images from Lume Link again?

That’s correct. It was actually the case after uploading digital photos via Leia Link that I took with another digital camera. Since then it doesn’t work anymore. Apparently there is no way to get these photos back from Leia Link. At least I didn’t find any Solution.

@Romius Can you try deleting them from the thumbnails and see if that solves your issue? Tap and hold on the thumbnails and then manually delete them.

Unfortunately that is not possible. The app crashes even before the thumbnails appear.

Hey @Romius, at this point you should reach out to help@leiainc.com so you can get technical troubleshooting with this. If need be, the Lume Link team will be able to go into the backend database and declutter whatever is causing this on your account.

Many Thanks. I will do that and hope that my problem will be solved. It’s a pity that you can’t manage and, if necessary, delete the photos in the cloud via another online access or the Lumelink app.