LeiaLink not working

I’ve been using (and loving) the LeiaLink app, but yesterday it stopped working. I pick a photo, click on the share icon, choose LeiaLink, and then it usually goes to the confirm Share screen, but instead it gives me instructions on how to use LeiaLink. I know how to use it, but that screen will not disappear. I’ve logged out of my account on LeiaPlayer and LeiaLink and logged back in with the PIN provided, but I can’t get rid of that screen. Any ideas?

Hey @BClews,

We’ve seen an issue like this before. Can you clear the app data for both LeiaPlayer and the LeiaLink app and then try logging in again? Your images in LeiaPlayer will be untouched and your LeiaLink images will remain stored in the cloud, but both apps will revert to default settings.

That should hopefully resolve your issue.

That did it! Thank you, Nima. That was driving me crazy.

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I am a little lost with this, do I do this in the main settings? I am having the same issue and cant figure it out

I am using and android and the lumelink was working great and just stopped

Hey @karlbeyer, hopefully this article explains it well.

ahhhhhh ok, Sorry, I was doing it on the tablet and wondering why it did not work. OK I did it on the phone and it worked lol Thank YOU SO MUCH

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