Introducing LeiaLink

LeiaLink is an app on iOS and Android that makes it easy to send images from your mobile device to your Lume Pad.

The pairing process is simple:

  1. Download LeiaLink on iOS or Android
  2. Update LeiaPlayer to at least version 3.1
  3. Log in with LeiaLogin on the Lume Link tab in LeiaPlayer
  4. You’ll see a PIN code on your Lume Pad
  5. Open the LeiaLink app on your iOS or Android device
  6. Type in your LeiaLogin email address
  7. Type in the code you see on your Lume Pad
  8. Voila, your devices are paired!

Images you share to the LeiaLink app from your paired device will automatically appear in the Lume Link tab on your Lume Pad as stunning Lightfield images.

This is the easiest and fastest way to see the images you’ve taken with your smartphone as Lightfield images on your Lume Pad.


This is cool. But I’m having issues logging into Leia Link. I’ve cleared the app cache and data then rebooted but still encountering login issues.

BTW, I’m trying to login using my google account which is the same as that used for LeiaPix.

This is the error I get in LeiaStream.

In account page, com.leia.leialink and leialink-service have full access permissions. It looks like all apps show up with full access on the account page.

Hey @Stuart_Fujitani we’ve had this pop up for a couple of users so far. The team is on it. Rest assured we’ll get to the bottom of this.


Np. Let me know if there’s anything you need me to do.

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Hey @Stuart_Fujitani, we’ve tried some new ideas on the server that may have fixed some users issues. Can you try to log in again?

If it still doesn’t work, please reach out to and we’ll try to setup a support ticket to have someone individually look at what’s going on with your account in the backend.

Hi Nima,

I’m able to login to LeiaStream now. Thanks!

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LeiaLink seems to allow pairing with a single device. Am I correct? In this case it would really useful to have the possibility to share from multiple devices (usually our Lumepad is used by several of the family members :slight_smile:)

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Thanks for the feedback, it’s been heard and noted.