Getting an error in LeiaPlayer

I just started getting an error message “Error While Downloading Media” when I select LumeLink in LeiaPlayer. I suspect it might be that I shared an unsupported file type (only a guess). I have cleared the cache and data in both the player (on my LumePad) and on the share link (on my phone).

It seems like, perhaps, the LumeLink display in the player hits the unsupported file type, displays the error message, and then stops loading images from the cloud. Any additional images that I share will not display. Is there any way to remove that one image from my LumeLink cloud?

Of course it might be something else…

Our QA Team has mentioned running into similar issues.

They recommend:

  1. Make sure you’re fully up-to-date on your apps from Leia Appstore
  2. Clear cache and data in LeiaPlayer
  3. Reboot your Lume Pad

If that doesn’t solve the problem, please let us know and we’ll try to get to the bottom of this. Which filetype do you believe caused the problem?

Thanks for your quick reply, Nima. Apps are up to date, I’ve cleared cache and data on both apps on both devices, and rebooted both. Still not working.
I don’t know that it is a file type issue, it was just a suggestion. Is there any way to get to the images LP is trying to load? I could then delete the last few images.
It seems to hit an image that it can’t load and then does a hard stop.

Nima, one more thought.

The image that it can’t display MAY have been shared directly from a news feed. I know that sometimes newsfeeds share the image and sometimes they share a link to the image. Obviously it can’t display a link.

Again, I don’t know if that is the issue.

We may have to manually clear your data in the cloud to fix this issue. Are all the images you shared to LeiaLink fully backed up?

Let me make sure everything is backed up and I will get back to you.

I’ve backed up the images. Feel free to clear my cloud items.
Is there a limit to the number of items in the cloud? Have I hit a limit?

@BClews The current limit is 1000 images, but I doubt you already uploaded that many, have you? :smiley:

Not yet…
Only about 70 images

Nima, I don’t know if this is related…after getting the error message I closed LeiaPlayer but the message remained. Is it possibly an Android error message?

@BClews Is there a chance your Lume Pad’s storage is fully filled-up?

Can you double check how much free space you have?

Other than that, I’ve already sent your case to our LeiaLink team and they’re going to do some surgery in the backend server to unclog your account. Please give them a few days to get it done.

Only 31% of storage used.

Nima. I really appreciate all that you are doing to try to solve this. Thank you.

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No worries at all! We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Hey @BClews, it seems my team took a look and found four files with VERY long filenames, which broke our system. They’ve deleted those files. Can you try to clear your cache/storage, and try to use LeiaLink again? If it works, then those files were the culprit. If not, we can fully nuke your whole cloud storage and try again.

Still not working. Cleared storage and cache and even rebooted.
FYI, as the images were reloading I counted 56 thumbnails. The download count at the bottom of the screen was slightly behind but catching up. When it hit 56 of 75 images it threw the error message. Seems like it might be image number 57. I don’t know if you can replicate the same sequence of loading, but that might lead you to the offending file.
But I’m ok with clearing everything.

I’m guessing I should probably rename each of the images before I try using LeiaLink to individually reload them or we may run into the same issue with the long filenames.

I don’t know what you guys did but it is working now! And all of the images are still there.
Thank you, Nima, and please thank the rest of the team.

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@BClews I was going to let you know to try again, but you beat me to it! Basically, they deleted the bad files, but didn’t delete their references in the database, so initially it didn’t actually get rid of them.

The issue was indeed the long filenames (I think the prompt used in AI art generation is embedded into the filename) so please make sure that all filenames are 100 characters or less for the foreseeable future until we’re able to add a filename sanitization step or it’ll lock up your account again.

Thank you for your patience!