Camera not working--Black screen

Hello, The only way I see to put anything up is to reply to something. I am new to this and have had my Pad for 3 days. I still can not use the camera or the suite. Screen just goes black. I have read heaps of pages and downloaded the latest and still nothing, very frustrating. I have even typed to HELP, and have done what they suggest, still black screen. I seem to do more on my PC than on the LumPad…

Mike…This is stupid. I just hope someone can help me. LeiaSpotlight, only works on some screens. Others all I get is black. I don’t think it has ever taken me so long to configure anything…

Me again… I had now downloaded LightfieldStudio and installed it but now can’t open it. It says that I don’t have an app to do so. Help…

Hey @Mike,

Sorry you’ve been having issues with your Lume Pad! That’s definitely not a normal experience.

Before continuing below, please restart your tablet by holding the lock button on the side and press Restart. See if that fixes any of your issues. If not:

  1. Is your Lume Pad fully up to date? If not, please update in Settings (you may notice a yellow dot on your Settings icon).
  2. Have you downloaded the newest version of LeiaCam from LeiaLoft? If not, please update your LeiaCam app.
  3. Have you allowed the proper permissions for camera access? If not, please allow LeiaCam access in Android settings.

As for the LeiaLoft App Suite, which apps are you having issues with? Does LeiaPlayer open and work normally?

Which screens are you having issues with and which ones work?

Lightfield Studio has two versions, one for Mac and one for Windows. Lightfield Studio does NOT run on Lume Pad. You can use it on your computer to create Lightfield video for viewing on Lume Pad.

Let me know if you need any additional help!


Ok, Nima. I shall work on it. Yes to all of the above, All permissions are granted and yes I was trying to open Lightfield on the Lume. But saying that I do have on my PC.

Mate, I’m stupid. I’ve been trying for a hour. How the hell do I get to download anything. I cant find how to download. I get to the page and there is nothing to let me download. All the time I just get a heap of adds…
I’ve tried a few pages but just go around in circles.

The only thing I can do is do a factory restart…

That’s probably the best thing for it, restart or even a complete wipe. Some possible reasons are you have installed something 3rd party that is causing the issue, you need to update the s.w. or it’s broken.

Start anew is a good place, just bear in mind it will most likely wipe your device, so back up first.

Good luck

Thanks Luke… Well I don’t have much on it yet. I did put some of my SBS pics on but can’t do anything with them yet… So back to start… I’ll let you know… No, I don’t have any third party yet… I just want to see the thing work like it should with the basic stuff…

@Mike so did LeiaPlayer work at all? That’s pre-installed and shouldn’t require you to have a LeiaLoft account.

There are also no ads on LeiaLoft, so I’m not sure where you’re seeing the ads.

Have you taken a look at the Lume Pad Manual yet?

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks, Nima… yes. read it a few times. Maybe need to read more… Yes Leia Played work, and I just love to 3D view on there… Just hope mine do the same… LeiaViewer works, altho I only see the pumkin yet, looks good in 3D…LeiaPix seems ok as well…LeiaStream seems ok…LeiaSpotlight seems to go ok…Iv’e done something right but wouldn’t know what. the camera works. until now just a black screen… Thanks… shall play…

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@Mike Make sure your SBS photos have “_2x1.jpg” at the end of the filename, otherwise LeiaPlayer won’t play them back in 3D properly.

For the other apps, make sure you go to the LeiaLoft app (our app store) and download/update the apps you’d like to use. LeiaViewer has a new option in the most recent update to view Sketchfab models now, which opens up 5000+ new models to see.

That’s awesome! So glad to hear that.


Wahoooooo! Can I recommend some great content in Leia Pix then :thinking: - particularly mine of course :laughing:

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Do you recall the magic used to made the camera work? I’m still with blank screen. Thank you.

Ok, I got the camera to work by allowing ALL camera permission. I had originally left the Phone denied and I didn’t want to sync with phone in any way at this time (day 1).

Hey @Gtaylor441,

I apologize for the strange verbiage. This is due to the way the Android OS works.

The only data we’re reading is your serial number, which we use to identify the correct calibration data for your cameras (as different batches of Lume Pads/cameras may have different calibration information), but to get access to that the Android OS requires we ask for Phone permissions. There’s no real way around this, though we’re going to try to identify a better path forward long-term.

After we’ve read the calibration data, you can remove the Phone permission if you’d like and it SHOULD still work properly. But if you ever delete the app you’ll have to re-enable the permission again to get it working again.

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I found a bug of LeiaCamera. When viewing recently taken photos, when you return to camera the camera doesn’t make any capture again. You have to force close App so you can take photos again… But if you touch the thumbnail to view last photo the camera is blocked again and doesn’t respond to the take photo button touches.

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Thanks for the feedback @Kano3D I’ve sent it to the team.

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Another bug, when using flashlight, pictures are stored overexposed, it seems the image captured is when the first time the light is on to find focus (you can notice this if you move the device between the light for focus and the light that theorically makes the photo, the image that appears is when is focusing)