Suddenly Camera Does Not Display

Today when I turned on the pad and selected camera mode all I got is a black screen. When touching the screen the navigation icons come up at the bottom and I can leave camera mode but camera mode always now reverts to a black screen. All other Leia apps are working fine. Everything is up to date. Checked that permissions were all given to camera. Would like to not have to reinstall. Any suggestions on what to try to get the camera working again?

Hey @SFMike, this may be a known firmware issue we have already fixed caused for a small number of Lume Pads in an early batch which used a slightly different component than the rest. Fixing this shouldn’t require wiping the device’s memory.

To help expedite us fixing the issue for your device specifically, please reach out to with your serial number or order ID.


Thanks I’ll do that. Miss my camera. :sob:

Have you tried going to the Leia Cam option in the app settings of the Leia Tablet and in the top right corner there is a remove all updates option? Fixed my issue a little bit back, not sure if it may work for yours as well.

Thanks. It seems the update was the problem.

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