Nubia pad 3D enquiry

Hi im looking to buy the nubia pad 3d which is the sister tablet of the lumepad 2 i believe. I just want to clarify how these tablets work.
So is there the ability to play a 2d mp4 movie for example and the AI will automatically convert to 3d?
Will we be able to play stored movies outside of leia app?
And can it convert anything to 3d with a click of a button like a 2d game, essentially turning anything on the screen to 3d with a button?

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Hi @Tekrevs !

You will be able to load any 2D video content, movie, etc and convert it locally with one button on LeiaPlayer.

Games and apps would need to come from our LeiaApp store / created using our integrations. That said, there will be games from studios such as Gameloft, and apps such as Mozaik 3D that come with tons of 3D content. More to come as well! We just receieved word that one of the amazing developers on our community has brought over the Virtual Virtual Boy emulator to the list of community games available with the device.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

  • Marlon, Community Manager
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Hi what about netflix?

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And would a big 2d movie say 10gb take a while to convert? How long would that take approx

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Bump my replies

I can’t imagine that “converting” a 2D movie on the fly would look like decent 3D. It will look just as bad as it did on the old LumePad or the convert function on old 3D TVs. It’s just pseudo 3D. Reasonable 3D can it only exist if you put two different views of a scene together.
The old Lumepad didn’t convince me either. Only the prefabricated material looked good. And I didn’t understand what this Lightfield mode was supposed to be either. All my S3D material looked better on my old 3D Commander. Only the rest of the technology in the tablet wasn’t really good. But the display looked a lot better than that of the LumePad.
I’ve really been a big 3D fan for many years and know a little about the whole problem. That’s why nobody has to convince me in my criticism that I don’t understand anything about it. I let the “wow” of the users tempt me to buy the old Lumepad. I regretted it bitterly even at a price of almost $350. If I had paid the first called $600 or $800 I probably would have shot myself in the foot with anger. With the LumePad 2 that won’t happen to me again…

I have the same doubts also but I have a feeling the team listened and made improvements on the 2nd lume pad, the specs look promising and aye lifes too short i gotta try this shite out :wink:


I’m not expecting the 3D conversion to be perfect either, but I did find after extended use with just the original lume pad that there are certain types of content that actually look fairly convincing even when converted on the fly. I’m going to deep dive into these questions and pretty much every angle of the device’s tech (and other upcoming 3D devices) on the youtube channel I just started (Josh3D IRL - YouTube) Subscribe to my channel if this sounds interesting to you. I’ll put putting out lots of videos as soon as my Lume Pad 2 arrives


The 3D conversion in Lume Pad 2/Nubia Pad 3D is now using much larger AI models running on the hardware of the SnapDragon 888 compared to the SnapDragon 845 on the original Lume Pad. I don’t think comparing it to older devices which didn’t have hardware to accelerate AI models or those that weren’t using AI at all (many were just using simple linear algebra functions for 3D conversion) makes sense. The field of AI has changed drastically even since the launch of Lume Pad 1, let alone compared to older devices.

You should expect the conversion quality on Lume Pad 2 to be significantly better. As I’ve mentioned on my Twitter, Lume Pad 2 is the 1st time that I was questioning whether a specific 3D conversion was actually a natively shot/rendered 3D video.


what about watching download sbs movies?

I’m not doubting its going to be an enormous improvement. I’m so excited to experience it and have a long term vastly upgraded viewing experience. I’ve enjoyed tons of content on LeiaTube on the original Lume Pad, so I can’t image how I won’t enjoy Leia Tube on the Lume Pad 2 even more. But I also know that it can’t be absolutely perfect or always on the same level as native 3D, so I don’t want to set my expectations TOO high. I was already highly satisfied with the Lume Pad, and from the look and sound of it the Lume Pad 2 goes above and beyond what I had hoped it could do to start out in every area. Thank you so much for putting in so much effort to bring such an incredible product to market. Can’t wait to see how people around the world react to it, and to show people myself.

It’ll play back in native 3D just like it did on our older devices, except now, the 3D resolution has more than doubled so it looks incredibly sharp.


To my doubts, however, there is also the price… It is simply too high. Over $1000 for an Android tablet…In an iPad Pro for around $1000 there is a lot of reliable technology and software installed.On such a device really professional work can be done. With my LumePad, I often have the problem that it just restarts itself at some point and it’s not really “fast” either. The apps open slowly, it takes a while in LayerPlayer until all the media can be seen as a thumbnail. It feels just a bit laggy. And therefore not really worth the high price. It may be a very high-quality and unique display, but everything around it is way too slow and buggy

This isn’t normal. Even today, my original Lume Pad is as snappy as any other Android tablet I’ve used. I often use it to play Android games. And Lume Pad 2 is even faster, with a flagship processor over 2x as powerful as Lume Pad 1.

I recommend you restore your original Lume Pad to factory settings and test the speed again without all the software you may have installed since you got it. Feel free to take a video showcasing speed issues and share it here if you’d like, or reach out to so they can help fix your problems.