LeiaStream for the original Lume Pad has been discontinued

Hey everyone, just a quick update.

We’ve made the decision to discontinue LeiaStream for the original Lume Pad. It is no longer available on the Leia Appstore for the original Lume Pad and we can not guarantee the app will continue to work.

LeiaStream originally launched as a tab in LeiaPlayer on RED Hydrogen One, and was our first foray into hosting and delivering video ourselves. It ended up spinning out into its own app for the original Lume Pad. Its technology went on to be used in LeiaFlix. And while LeiaFlix makes sense for us to use to host Hollywood-quality movie content, it didn’t make sense for us to continue supporting a platform that was effectively a YouTube competitor, especially when it wasn’t used by a lot of people and people didn’t upload much content to it.

Instead, we think LeiaTube on the original Lume Pad and of course Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D, is more than enough to make up for what LeiaStream was delivering.

For those of you who used LeiaStream to view content and especially those of you who uploaded content to share with our community, we thank you.

The LeiaStream Team

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I hope this does not look like Leia is looseing interest in the original Lumepad and will continue to supporting the original Lumepad.

I’m the UK and with other places LeiaFlix is not available.

The original Lumepad is a incredible device with so many great features and takes very good pictures.
I would be sad it’s support faded a way.

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