LeiaStream for the original Lume Pad has been discontinued

Hey everyone, just a quick update.

We’ve made the decision to discontinue LeiaStream for the original Lume Pad. It is no longer available on the Leia Appstore for the original Lume Pad and we can not guarantee the app will continue to work.

LeiaStream originally launched as a tab in LeiaPlayer on RED Hydrogen One, and was our first foray into hosting and delivering video ourselves. It ended up spinning out into its own app for the original Lume Pad. Its technology went on to be used in LeiaFlix. And while LeiaFlix makes sense for us to use to host Hollywood-quality movie content, it didn’t make sense for us to continue supporting a platform that was effectively a YouTube competitor, especially when it wasn’t used by a lot of people and people didn’t upload much content to it.

Instead, we think LeiaTube on the original Lume Pad and of course Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D, is more than enough to make up for what LeiaStream was delivering.

For those of you who used LeiaStream to view content and especially those of you who uploaded content to share with our community, we thank you.

The LeiaStream Team

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I hope this does not look like Leia is looseing interest in the original Lumepad and will continue to supporting the original Lumepad.

I’m the UK and with other places LeiaFlix is not available.

The original Lumepad is a incredible device with so many great features and takes very good pictures.
I would be sad it’s support faded a way.


Particularly as I feel Lumepad 2 is not a worthy successor to #1. More crosstalk and poor facial tracking feature.


Hi the new device screen resolution is greater and I wish there was an option to enable or disable face tracking, so with with out face tracking I could put may self in the optimal viewing point as I do with my original Lumepad, that would reduce Xtalk, but be able to enable face tracking when I want it as it does work.
Ghosting /XTalk seems to be a function of depth and focus, wish I had more control of them.
I miss all of the picture edit tools, plus tap to expand and pinch to zoom.
I need MPO file support for my MPO pictures.
I hope soft ware updates will sort these.

With the original Lumepad I wish Leia would sort out the not loading of some content in LeiaPix, looks like a server / network problem, it is so frustrating seeing the thumb nails and not being able to open it and just getting the rotating loading circle on the original Lumepad

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I have not (yet) LP2, and will surely purchase it somewhere in the near future. But as a enthusiastic supporter of Leia, I have to express many worries, based on what I read. My understanding is that to obtain a device with better resolution (which is understandable and suitable), it has been developed a system heavily based on real time face tracking. So I guess the pros should be much higher resolution, and, at least theoretically less cross-talk, and more natural 3D, since more views can be generated by the AI. However there are relevant cons: face tracking needs some light and can sometime not work perfectly so that 3D experience could be potentially even worst than a simpler autostereoscopic device; the 3D view can be for one people at once (and this is to me is a very bad cons! I often watch some movie with my son); can only work in landscape, losing a very beautiful feature of LP1 and H1, and what is worst, is not backward compatible, so that all that nice ecosystem available in LP1 and H1 is (at the moment) partially lost (I’m thinking for example to the MPV that I use to watch 3D movies in my LP1 and H1s). Overall, I think that lack of backward compatibility is an increasing issue: I think for example to Leiapix, that I usually show to friends and colleagues and where I post myself some of my pictures. It is a wonderful app. However since the appearance of LP2, the preview shows many distorted images (the ones created in LP2) that only show correctly once opened. Or dropping the 4v support, that was basically a 4 view quilt, where some companies are only increasing the number of views.
At the end, as a programmer myself, I wonder why it was not possible to keep the two approaches to 3D, namely the one of LP1/ H1, based to 2 to 4 views statically shown, and the new approach that is supported (or needed?) by LP2, coexisting. After all even LP2 exploits the DLB (?). This would have surely needed some more work, but would leave to people to choose, and avoid closing doors of the past forever, discontinuing apps etc.
I am probably a dinosaur, since I like to use technology as my 3D TV (still a Sony Bravia), or my Finepix camera or my Hydrogen One, as far as I can. I understand the need to create new standards to optimize, but my view is that backward compatibility should be sacrificed only when there is absolutely no alternative.


This is a Shane, you let this app go but, I think it was a failure from the very beginning, because of the content, that it didn’t allow people that was 3D creators,to put it content on, so all we saw was repeat stuff up on there and if you’re not a person that make 3D content your content wouldn’t go up on there no matter what you post on that platform app. I still use my OG-Lume Pad for my VR headset, that’s why I still use OG-Lume Pad because it’s camera makes stereoscopic videos. Please don’t discontinue OG-Lume Pad

Since now I have Lume Pad 2, I have to correct some statements I have made, since they look partially incorrect. Using the eye tracking system does not prevent more users to see the 3D effects at the same time :slight_smile: What happens is that just one user sees the best 3D but other people still can see the 3D view, not worse than standard alternative views (and changing as the main observer moves his head). Overall is much better than I had expected and the improvement of resolution made my pictures shot with H1 becoming really alive.
Maybe something I miss is the way light in pictures (not in games) may appear: to be more specific, if I have a stereoscopic picture with some light, if I move the head in Lume pad 1 I see the light changing as it should be (even better with 4V), for example being occluded by some tree branch, while Lume pad 2 will direct one picture to left eye and the other picture to right eye, no matter how you move your head, so that the light effect disappears. But you cannot have everything :). However I have a suggestion: playing with the Dungeon, I have seen that the light effects are there, since related to how you move the pad, thanks to the internal gyroscope; I think that if even in the pictures the view directed to the eye was changed according to the movement of the pad (not the head), one would have a less static impression while preserving a ghost-free view for a moving viewers.
So far overall enthusiast of Lume Pad 2.