3D focus

Would it be possible to have a 3D focus slider in LeiaPix.
This would be used just to reduce Xtalk in pictures that stand out of the screen.
This would not have a save function, just used as a correction funtion when viewing
This works well in the leiaplayer

We believe it’s up to the uploader to properly edit 3D pictures before posting. Allowing users to edit the 3D Focus when viewing in LeiaPix both alters the original uploaded artistic intent and creates a new unwanted behavior where users are spending time trying to change what they’re viewing instead of looking at an image they like and moving on to the next.

We don’t plan on adding a 3D Focus slider because of that.

Thank you for your reply, the Nubia Pad 3D is amazing.
As is the Lumepad 1

I just uploaded my first image, and it appears the 3D focus changed a bit from how it appears in Leia Player. Should that happen?

The image is “pushed back” a bit so the “through-the-window” effect was lost. It still looks good, but a bit less dramatic.

The original was an MPO file, which I tweaked slightly in Lume Player, which changed it to a .jpg. That was the file I uploaded.

No, but it’s a known bug and it should be resolved with the upcoming version of LeiaPix.


I noticed this as well. File looked perfect local, but glitchy in LeiaPix.

Will it require a new upload, or work for previous uploads?
I would assume the 3d focus value is passed along in the file and should be there.

Should fix all existing uploads. But let us know if the results aren’t what you expect.