LeiaCam 2.1 is now available

LeiaCam 2.1 is here and has the feature you’ve been waiting for: 3D Preview Support! This allows you to preview your scene in 3D in LeiaCam before you take a photo or video! It also features a convergence slider so you can tune the convergence of your shot manually while you’re shooting so you don’t need to edit it in LeiaPlayer later.

LeiaCam Version 2.1.04958 Release Notes

  • 3D Preview support
  • In-app convergence slider
  • Improved speed and performance
  • Significantly reduced app size
  • Requires Leia DisplayConfig v0.7.86 or higher
  • Requires Leia FaceTracking v0.7.79 or higher
  • Requires Leia MediaService v0.5.22 or higher

This update helps make the Lume Pad 2 an even more incredible 3D camera!


This update was the least expected, and to me, the most game changing out of the recent updates. Thanks to this one, I don’t think I can ever feel the same about 2D photography again :joy:

One of the best additions that is not included in your release notes above, is the ability to zoom in 3D preview mode for photos AND videos. And the fact that convergence locks in place once you manually adjust it, so that you can freely adjust the position of the tablet to get the right angle and frame without throwing off the convergence.

Also, being able to zoom in and out, and manually adjust convergence during video capture with 3D preview on is just insane!

Thank you for the incredible update. You all really went above and beyond with this one.