LeiaCam for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D

LeiaCam is all new for for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D. LeiaCam always shoots in Leia Image Format (JPG) and Leia Video Format (MP4). Images and videos captured with LeiaCam will decode properly in 3D on Leia devices, and will automatically playback without issue in 2D on other devices and platforms.

LeiaCam now shows an optional live depth preview, helping you ensure your photos and videos always have great depth.

LeiaCam can shoot images and video with both the rear 3D camera and front-facing 3D camera. The rear 3D camera shoots in about 5K resolution per sensor for images, and the front-facing 3D camera shoots in about 3K resolution per sensor for images. Both cameras shoot in 1200p resolution per sensor for video.

LeiaCam Version 2.0:
- Initial version for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D
- Brand new Depth Preview feature
- Brand new Leia Video Format
- Options for Flash, Zoom, HDR, and Noise Reduction
- Options for Shutter Sound, Grid, Level, and Geotagging

What are you most excited about capturing with LeiaCam?


Hello, I see that I can set Geotagging for LeiaCam. However, how can I USE the geotagging? Is there a viewer app that will read and use the geotagging information?

It should appear anywhere where you can read image metadata.

Is there an app?

You should be able to read the metadata in EXIFTools on a PC.

Thanks. This program appears to simply allow me to read the metadata, and then save/use in another program of my own making?

So I take it that there is no single app or program that will read the image and use the gps metadata and place on a map – like I can do with ROVE and other Car Camera and using DASHCAM program or GPS program where it will read the video file + GPS data and actually place onto a Google map while it is playing. (have you seen/used a version such as those?)

Is there any plan to build an single app that will do a similar function – display image, read GPS metadata, and place onto a google or other map?

I haven’t seen an app like that. Have you considered trying to open the files in those apps and seeing what happens?

No. There was a plan to build a similar function into LeiaPix for uploads (when users opt-in, of course) but to date we haven’t built it out.

An easier path might have been to make the metadata and images compatible with current apps.

Not sure what you mean? The metadata is industry standard geotagging metadata. It works in every app, like the ones listed above.

If you want to view it in a map, you can do so in various apps. Apple Photos on MacOS for example will show you on a map where the photo was taken using the industry standard geotag in images taken with LeiaCam.

I tried the DashCam Viewer and GPS Player. These work for my ROVE Dashcam really well. For the Leia video, I could see the video, but the GPS data was not there and hence, the place where I took the picture did not show up. Maybe these are older versions. Have you tried these apps?

Do you know of any windows programs, I do not have any Apple products…

Ah, geotagging is only for photos, as EXIF (like in EXIFTools mentioned above) is a photo standard.

We do not use XML or other metadata types for video at this time to embed geolocation data. However, your feedback has been heard and passed along to the development team.

It seems there are a variety of apps you can find by Googling which will allow you to manually add geolocation data to videos after the fact if you need it for your use case.

Yes, thanks for passing it on. Adding geotagging to videos would be an added benefit. I will look into the EXIF to see if I could use that.

As long as you are passing on recommendations: Panorama would be really a good add on!


Hi.I have problem with camera in Nubia Pad 3d.When I made a photo I must wait about 10 seconds to finish processing to make next photo.I think it’s much to long.Is it normal or can I change it somehow?

You don’t actually. You can take a new pic every 2 to 4 seconds even while it’s constructing and saving the other 3D image in the background. If you take too many in a row the time required between them will continue going up, however. Unfortunately this is just the reality when constructing a dual-5K resolution 3D picture, if we could do it any faster we would. But the alternative would be to add a feature that lowers the resolution from 5K per eye all the way down to 1080p per eye or something.

When I make first picture it takes 6 sec.before I can make next one.10 sec.when HDR is on…