Camera features request?

A couple additional features that I’d like to see in the camera.

A black full frame flash when you take a picture. Just gives a better indication that the picture was taken.

Right now there’s on!y a small dot in the lower right that my hand covers when taking a picture.

Also, is it possible to get a digital zoom feature? Not sure how that works with twin lenses.

Thanks for the good ideas - sharing with our team!

Hey @petert,

Again, thanks for the feedback.

We’re already on this, we realized it was an issue and are looking for solutions. In the short term, you will just hear a more audible “shutter flash” when taking pictures, in the long-term we will have multiple visual cues similar to what you mention that will make it very apparent that a picture was taken.

It is possible, but it would lead to simply cropping the photo and reducing the overall resolution. As we want to retain as much resolution as possible, we just allow users to easily crop after the fact in LeiaPlayer’s Edit Mode, rather than have them permanently crop it at time of shooting.


That’s great. Thanks for the info Nima.

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