LeiaCam v0.12.05027 is now available!

Today we released a new version of LeiaCam, which focuses on the following:

  1. Manual focus lock
  2. 3D Preview
  3. Showing thumbnail of captured photo faster
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes

The manual focus lock feature will be very useful to those of you who may have the camera steady, and the subject moving in an out of the scene. This way, you lock the focus and as the subject leaves the scene the focus remains locked on the location where the subject used to be. This way, when the subject comes back to the same place he’ll be in focus automatically. Conversely, if you want to focus on something else and have things moving in and out of the scene and want to avoid having the camera’s autofocus constantly focus on these moving things, then this feature is for you.

3D Preview is a great way to see in the camera’s preview what the scene will look like in LightField mode. This way, you see in real time what the camera will record.

We sped up the process of generating a thumbnail of the photo taken so you get feedback faster. And we fixed a number of miscellaneous bugs.

We hope we like this new version. Let us know what you think!


crazy update. love it