LeiaPlayer 2.13 update is perfect for iOS users!

  • heic support

  • depth map from iOS portrait photos
    Only for this two functions your iPhone becomes the definitive camera extension for your Lume!!

  • maintain your 4V, ST, 2d selection


I already was using the iPhone 11 pro max to make 3D images and transferring to my Leia devices with PhotoSync. Now I can transfer the images in full quality and also see depth of portrait photos


ahem. No.

Hydrogen one baby… :smile:


What is the best iOS app to always be able to take pictures with the iPhone 12 in portrait mode?

Even better to take portrait photos with depth is to use i3DMovie to directly take 3D pictures… And 3D videos :wink:

Many Thanks. I’ve tried this app but I’m not particularly happy with the quality. The app does not use the correct portrait mode, but simply uses the two lenses to take photos without involving the lidar scanner. I am currently working with the Focos app and I am quite happy with it.

Of course not, that App make real 3D photos.

I was thinking about the differences of getting 3D from depth maps (e.g. lidar) or getting them thru stereoscopy like in H1 or Fuji W3; while the second one needs somehow more processing and it is possible to get artifacts, there are things that are unique with two cameras. For example I like some light effects, e.g. different rays of a light, some kind of glows: e.g. if you have sun and you handle it via depth map, it is simply an object at some distance, while with the two cameras you can reproduce quite well your feelings when moving in the sun. Same with different light effects that contribute a lot to make vivid a picture. On the other hand I have seen many “perfect” 3D that appeared however unnatural because of a light just appearing the same at any angle.

And the good thing of LeiaPlayer is you don’t have to choose!! You can check both actual SBS or depth calculations and see which offer better results for that particular image. But to be able to choose is better to take the photos is SBS format, if you make photos only with depth calculations if calculations are bad or have artifacts you can’t change to a direct stereo image, but if you take photos in SBS you can later choose depth calculations (and you still can watch both ways)

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Totally agree that at least Side by Side ist the way to go, You just can’t recreate the Look around Effect with Interpolation, Depth Maps are better than 2d, but Lack the additional Information and therefore look kind of artificial in many cases, depends on the Content however. Would be awesome to have a 4Camera Device, where You could take full Advantage of the 16 possible Views but I guess this will Take a while because of the additional Processing Power and Software-Support that would be needed to make this Happen. IT would be definetly one step further to a true holographic experience, but the Current Possibilities are already amazing.

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I’m seeing more and more pictures on Leiapix that are likely from depth maps (or simply Leiaplayer 2D-3D conversions), and for which there is no 3D mode available: while at first glance they look nice, sometimes perfect, I have almost always the impression of something unnatural. I was looking for example to a car with chrome bumpers, so with reflected images of the surrounding on the bumpers that are completely 2D and static, or a nice sunset but whose sun was simply “painted” in the back, in contrast to e.g. sunshine captured by Hydrogen, where you experience the actual flare changes while moving a bit. Depth map alone lose a good part of information. Really two different worlds…

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Absolutely agree on that, it would be nice If there would be the Possibility to Filter for a Capturing Device while browsing LeiaPix, that would need proper tagging or Reading the Exif during Upload though.

I See a Lot artificial Pictures too, with Portraits and such that aren’t that well made Conversions, don’t get me wrong there are Well made Conversions, but most of the Time they are pretty unrealistic and give eye strain because of too big Parallax or simply completely wrong Depth.

Edit: I saw the Featured by Leia Account in Leia Pix, all converted Content in LeiaPlayer, and it Looks great!

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