iPhone "Portrait" mode photos

iPhone “portrait” mode photos contain a depth map generated by the phone. The image & depth map are saved in HEIC format file. The Leia Player doesn’t seem to recognize HEIC. I though viewing iPhone "portrait’ mode photos in 3D was one of the capabilities of the Lume Pad.

Leia player 2.13 beta does support HEIC format, install it.
I am running it right now

2.13 is now available in LeiaLoft, too.

Hey Michael - did you get HEIC working?

Yes, thank you, the HEIC worked fine. Unfortunately I have an iPhone 11 Pro and the depth maps are not as good as what I’ve seen from the new iPhone 12 with Lidar. The results can only be as good as the depth map, so I need to update my phone.

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Understood - exciting to see your iPhone 12 with it! Feel free to post some links when you get it up and running.

I don’t have a 12 yet - a future upgrade.

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In my case I can’t see depth of my iPhone portrait photos, they appear 2d.