LeiaPlayer 3.3 Now Available

Well, IF the “suddenly stopping” bug is fixed in 3.3, it seems that I have a choice between the infinitely preferable 3.2 where the images are viewed as their author intends or 3.3 where everything is viewed in the view that artificially generates the views, losing massive amounts of detail on the way unless the viewer DELIBERATELY chooses the sharper, better ST method EVERY TIME THAT AN IMAGE IS DISPLAYED. This is a nonsense approach. If I CHOOSE the ST method of viewing, Leia should not DELIBERATELY decide that I must go through the process of making my choice EVERY TIME.

Sorry, Nima, but you’ve got this one wrong. By all means default LIF files to the LIF view, but DO NOT default JPG SBS files to a view designed for a different type of file! There is no logic for this. Default them to ST - surely that is the viewing method that was designed for SBS pairs?

You said “For example, the app was storing view mode states in its cache, so when you delete and reinstall the app, or clear it’s storage and cache, those states would be lost and you’d have to manually go and switch them all again. With this new method, this state is persistent regardless of the Player’s state, and you can even send files to people on other devices or apps and it will be in Stereo view by default.” Could you explain this for me? I don’t understand how stripping out the desired viewing method makes the “state” persistent? And how can you assert that, if I send a file to “people on another device” and have any certainty of how their device will behave?

I suspect that there is more to this decision than I can understand. But it does mean that, until it’s “corrected” my Lume Pad is useless as a 3D image viewer.

Very sad.

Sure. We’re going to be adding a new feature to LIF that allows you to flag them as stereo by default, so you can send it to any app or other Leia device and it will show in ST view by default.

We’ve heard the feedback and are looking into what we can do. But surely both rolling back to 3.2 in the meantime or just tapping the ST view button when you want to view content in stereo view mode are both incredibly simple solutions to this problem.

Maybe a switch in settings to select favorite viewing mode? User choice is always the best option

Definitely, and many more options and features are coming. Still, there’s always a juggle between adding features, fixing bugs, and how much time we spend on each version. Hopefully we’ll have a stopgap stereo solution ready for users by next week.


“Sure. We’re going to be adding a new feature to LIF that allows you to flag them as stereo by default, so you can send it to any app or other Leia device and it will show in ST view by default.” You’re going to add a feature to return the behaviour to what it was before you decided to make it useless? Sounds like it was really well thought out, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:
“We’ve heard the feedback and are looking into what we can do. But surely both rolling back to 3.2 in the meantime or just tapping the ST view button when you want to view content in stereo view mode are both incredibly simple solutions to this problem.”
No! Thy might be “simple” tou you, but to me having to use a buggy version because you DELIBERATELY introduced an equally bad bug into the new version doesn’t really sound like progress! Oh, and having to tap on the ST button EVERY TIME THAT AN IMAGE IS DISPLAYED is NOT “simple”! It is INTENSELY irritating! :slight_smile:

I think you’re misunderstanding. I suggest you reread the thread. No, the LIF format has never had this feature. And the behavior users want us to roll back is primarily for native stereo files (SBS, MPO, JPS).

Ultimately the behavior was changed one version early due to a critical bug as mentioned above. The estimated time to fix the bug was over a week of engineering time. If we would have done that it seems you’d be in the exact same boat today: everyone would be using version 3.2. However instead now 3.3 is out for all of our users who don’t primarily use Lume Pad for viewing content in stereo 3D.

As I mentioned before, the crashing bug you mentioned in 3.2 is not normal and has not been seen by anyone on our side. Have you reached out to customer service at help@leiainc.com so we can try to get to the bottom of why that’s happening to you on your device?

As I’ve said above, I understand I missed the mark for stereo enthusiasts in making the decision to change this behavior to get LeiaPlayer 3.3 out sooner.

Here are the steps we’re taking to address this:

  1. Users who don’t like the new view behavior in 3.3 can roll back to 3.2

  2. We will do what we can to release a stopgap update ASAP which will resolve this issue for most enthusiasts in most situations without taking a week or more of engineering time from our team

  3. LeiaPlayer Version 3.4 will offer multiple new solutions for viewing including the one listed in this thread.


OK, so I am not understood why you would remove some functionality from the APP (retaining the setting for the viewinjg method) only to put it back again in the next version. Why remove it in the first place? I think you said it was because some users got confused by the logical way of doing things, so you implemented an illogical (and very inconvenient) way of working. I’m sure it made sense to you! :slight_smile:

I was NOT referring to the “crashing bug”. I was referring to the bug that you DELIBERATELY introduced. The one that implemented to incorrect display method for ALL file types! I am now unable to check out the crashing bug, since (1) I have to be away from some variety of internet connection for it to occur, but I have not been able to analyse exactly which flavour of internet connection is causing it. In any case, I DETEST software that becomes disfunctional in the absence of an internet connnection. Internet connections are NOT universal, so there will ALWAYS be times when there is no internet connection! I did not buy a specialist (read premium priced) tablet only to discover that the software at the core of that specialist functionality fails in the absence of some variety of internet connection! But as this failure happened with 3.2 and I have not had it happen (yet) on 3.3, I am not going to start a dialog with help@leiainc.com until it does happen again - if it does. Meanwhile there is anpother bug that has been deliberately introduced, so I will probably just “file” the useless tablet until it is working again…

This behavior was always planned to go away in the next version anyway because we’re going to give people more flexibility. e.g. you won’t have to go to your content and flip the switch to ST even once like you do for 3.2 if you don’t want to. You’ll be able to just make ST the default always. Or, have Lightfield be the default, but flag specific LIF files to show in ST view by default. So the “per item” selection was going to go away anyway. There are many other architectural and practical reasons why indexing the view state of hundreds or thousands of media files isn’t a great idea. In fact, for all we know, that could be part of the instability causing your crashing issue which is why other users haven’t submitted that bug to us.

That specific functionality had a critical bug with the new 2D to 3D Video conversion feature, so I made the choice to change the behavior in 3.3 instead of 3.4 to help get 3.3 out faster.

You don’t have to do any of that. When you reach out to Leia Customer Care, they’ll request for you to submit logs and guide you through that process. Our engineers will then look at the logs and identify what caused your crash.

Me too! That’s why me and my team worked hard to ship an Offline Mode feature in LeiaPix a couple years ago. In any case, LeiaPlayer does not require an internet connection to use.

It is not a bug, we have chosen to change this behavior. If it affects you, we can help you roll back to version 3.2. It seems like you were using it until 3.3 came out, so I don’t think the release of 3.3 for users that do enjoy it should affect you if we can get you back into 3.2.

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EVERYONE was using 3.2 before 3.3 came out! Doesn’t mean that 3.2 was perfect. It was useable in the respect of retaining settings changes made by users. But it had other shortcomings. As you well know.

But it does seem like Leia are failing to think through their product development. I simply cannot think of another piece of software that DELIBERATELY discards settings made by users and requires them to reset those settings EVERY TIME.

Now, I understand that you need to keep an eye on your marketplace, as you see it. But, rether than just catering to one part of that marketplace at the extent of alienating another part of it, Leia might be better advised to ask for opinions on your changes BEFORE you impose them. This disastrous change wasn’t even mentioned in your announcement of version 3.3 - or wqe might not have wasted out time with it!

To reind you, what you said was:

"* It’s now playing back in 3D!

  • Automatic 3D Video Detection: SBS and Quad videos are now detected automatically just like photos, without needing to change the filename or do 3D tagging."

OK, might be useful to those with an over-riding interest in videos…

“* Double-tap content to fill screen: Self-explanatory, but this is a HUGE quality of life feature in my opinion. Now your off-ratio photos and videos can fill the 16:10 Lume Pad screen with a double tap.”

Hmm This sound like the program is going to either distort the image to fit the screen proportions of the screen or it’s going to arbitarily crop the image to fit the screen proportions, neither of which is a very good idea! Unless your description was misleading, perhaps?

“* Bug fixes and improvements: As always, we made everything a little better. Yes, including making it much easier to scrub video timelines without accidentally swiping to a new video :slight_smile:

Umm, “EVERYTHING a LITTLE BETTER” absolutely not! But I’m sure you honestly felt that you were making the right choices. But it would seem that some of the choices were at least a little misguided.

Because, IF the Lume Pad really isn’t suitable for those of us that want to display our “conventional” 3D images, then maybe you should just tell us and refund our money so you can concentrate on your “core” market without our complaints! The alternative would be to ask us for our input, so you can make the Lume Pad into the unit that it could be. After all, many of us have been trying to get people excited by our 3D images for DECADES. Maybe they are the sort of people that you have in your target market???

Hey @Bob, if you’re unhappy with your Lume Pad you can reach out to help@leiainc.com and we can see what we can do for you.

Just want to chime in and say I am loving my lume pad (so much so I’m secretly hoping you all are considering a lume phone to replace my rh1) and love the new leiaplayer updates. I think an option for stereo enthusiasts would be helpful as you’ve already outlined but mostly just want to say thank you for all the hard work all you at Leia are doing.


I feel exactly the same, Love my Lume Pad, and a new Phone with Leia Display and a more powerful SOC would be awesome.


Nima, just fix the app that is totally at the heart of the Lume Pad so it just works. Really think about the logic of the situation. NO user of any software product is going to be happy if the manufacturer arrogantly discards the settings that the user has chosen. Of course, I understand that you do have users that don’t notice the image degradation inherent in your choices, but when I have been creating something, I have always wanted it to be up to the highest standards possible and not dumbed down because people won’t notice! I would also ask if you have critically studied the images in Peiapix it will be painfully obvious which ones are (allegedly) 2D->3D conversions. But the process is, all too often flawed and the images just look “odd” or worse. Bad enough that they will just put people off 3D, because it just looks wrong. 3D is supposed to be realistic. Not “odd”! But it is this kind of faulty implementation - and the lack of moderation on the images in your “showcase” isn’t doing “3D” any favours at all!

So, on the one hand, we have a display app the downgrades the sharpness of the displayed images whether it needs to or not, and whether the author wants it to or not! And on the other hand, a “flagship” showroom of images, many of which are just plain bad! What do YOU think you should do? :slight_smile:

@Bob i think if you’re unhappy with your Lume Pad, you should reach out help@leiainc.com and we’ll see what we can do for you.

where do you download 3,3
cant find
Any link ? TY

Hi @TVTOMNY, it’s available on Leia appstore on the Lume Pad.

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Thanks to the developers team for its work adding new features, and Nima for your patience and kind answers and explanations.


I am happy with my LumePad, Nima! and Thankful for your hard work on behalf of 3D fans everywhere for picking up the torch where Fuji and many others dropped it. God bless you all & Happy Easter/Passover!

Suggestion: perhaps for the next hardware version consider:

  1. 4 cameras with wider interocular spacing, this would off-load a ton of prossing by the software. (I’m sure Ive never had a tablet get so hot before, a sure sign the software is pushing the hardware which can shorten it’s life.)

  2. Consider the new “Gen-1” chip. MRWHOSTHEBOSS on YouTube did a video that claims it’s 4K times faster. Those reasonable enthusiasts who want a premium tablet are willing to pay for it.

  3. Consider covering the lenses to protect them, I got a Black Web case from Walmart that fits the LumePad perfectly, covering the camera when needed but also has a small flap that folds down when shooting photos. What camera doesn’t come without a lens cover?

  4. I hear Samsung is selling the 200MP sensor to 3rd parties. (JUST KIDDING)

Have a great day my friend :heart:



Your feedback has been heard and thank you so much for the kind words. The whole team works hard every day to bring 3D to the masses and do our best to satisfy fans like you.