LeiaPlayer 3.0 for Red Hydrogene One on Android 13

Dear Leia Team

as the Red Hydrogene One is still the last phone with lightfield display and the hardware is still good enough for me, I decided to put AOSP 13 on it and also managed to make the lightfield display working.
I installed all the applications which you provided on the Red Hydrogene One farewell page and they work perfectly well. Only in the LeiaPlayer 2.17 I get ANRs, it seems that Android 13 is pickier than Android 9 in this respect.
In another post you mentioned that version 3.0 brings major performance improvements but was not working on the RHO and I assume that was due to the API level. Now with Android 13 I would like to give it another try and wanted to ask you if you could make this version availalable as well, as you did for version 2.17.

Best regards,

Sorry @tobias,

The RED Hydrogen One hasn’t been supported for many years now.

Feel free to continue hacking on it and trying to make it do what you’d like, but we’ll be unable to help you.

If I can, I would suggest to create a repository of old versions of Leia apps, since they can be useful to the kind of people that likes or work with 3D :slight_smile: . Just as example, in my H1 I still run Leiapix 2.3.17457 (so not 2.4 available in your page) since I liked more the button to switch between Leia and stereo view, something I would lose if by chance I have to clean the phone. And, you never know, a repository can solve different, more important situations. For example I have been playing with another toy of other company, namely LKG, and when connecting it to my Dell laptop and performing lightfield visualization, I had severe crashes of my laptop (aka blue screen) that I have solved by downgrading to an older version of their software available in their repository.
That said, I will never express enough gratitude for your support to a device that was not from Leia :slight_smile: and really hope to have soon some kind of Leia phone…