Hydrogen network content

Just received my Lume today, it’s fabulous! Is there any way to play hydrogen network content on it?

Hydrogen network is planned to be discontinued, end of life somewhere end of this year

Thanks, I was hoping downloaded content might be played on Lume

Normally it should as i have downloaded 3d movies and they work on rh1

Does anyone know the file location on the rh1? They are hidden on the file manager

yeah, I bought a few movies I would hate to see disappear…

I’ll try re-setting up from RH1 and see if the app comes over with the content

Sadly, the Hydrogen Network was operated by RED, and we (Leia) don’t have the rights to make it available on Lumepad. Interested to know if it’s possible to copy the app or the content over (I think there is no technical reason it shouldn’t work on Lumepad, but not sure).

Any 2x1 or 2x2 videos should be playable in LeiaPlayer. Additionally, LeiaStream (available from LeiaLoft) is a brand-new video content network, available exclusively on Lumepad.

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Why make it not available for hydrogen 1 also ?

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LeiaStream was built around Lume Pad and Android 10, and because of that it doesn’t run on Hydrogen One. Instead, we built a LeiaStream feature into LeiaPlayer which will give Hydrogen users access to some of the content on LeiaStream.


Leiastream into Leia Player our picture viewer?
Shouldn’t that be in Holopix/LeiaPix instead of Leia Player?

I don’t even use Leia Player as it is missing a feature making it unusable for me, still on Red Player latest so i can see different file formats of H4V pics (pro, h4v and quad) what is a stupid icon in thumbnails for every 4V picture no matter what format, the worst thing you could do was changing/removing that.

And what has LeiaStream to do in a picture viewer for picture present on the phone?
Not better to integrate it in Leiapix ?

Encrypted content




Good luck figuring out the rest! ;^)
BTW, you need additional privileges to access these path

Am I missing something, or editing posts is really disabled here?

Corrections in italics

BTW, you may need additional privileges to access some of these path:s