Leia appstore v. 2.1.513 Release

Hi Alex, you should be able to sign up for LeiaLogin with the last Gmail address used and then elect a sync account option. If after syncing accounts, you are still unable to see your posts in LeiaPix, I recommend you send a help request in the LeiaPix app directly (Profile icon>gear icon>Get Help) so the Support Team can further investigate.

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Thanks Shayna, I got to the point where I want to change the old password. But here it wants my existing password to meet the complexity rules:

Doesn’t make much sense since this exactly what I want to change right now :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

We see you have 3 separate email addresses that you’ve used to create a Leia appstore account as early as 2018. We should probably narrow down the account used for LeiaLogin for clarity. Further, can you outline exactly the steps you took to get to the screenshot you’ve shared. Once drafted, can you send this information to our Support Team at help@leiainc.com? Please note I have already shared this with our Head of QA, so rest assured the right eyes will be looking into this matter.



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Thanks Shayna, I just sent the email :+1:

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Does this update break RH1 support? I don’t seem to be able to log in anymore. Is there any possible work around? I’d like to at least have the ability to get my purchases downloaded one last time if this is going to be it for RH support.

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@Adrix we are looking at the issue affecting H1 users having adopted the new login system on Lume Pad please stay tuned


Thanks for the update! I know h1 is no longer officially supported but I appreciate anything/everything Leia is able to do.


Regarding Leia Login using Google OAuth, should it keep me logged in? I keep having to log into the apps and it’s getting annoying.

Hi Marc, pardon the delay in response…we were closed for the holiday. In short, you should remain logged in. We are looking into this as we speak so please stay tuned for an update once available.

Hi Marc, I actually assumed your issue pertains to your Hydrogen One device and not your Lume Pad, but can you confirm?

Hi Shayna,

It happens on my Lume Pad. It doesn’t always prompt me to login. But every now and then, the apps will require me to login. It’s almost as if the login session or token expires after a certain amount of time.


Thank you for sharing, Stuart! I’ll circle back to this thread once we have more information to share.

Yes, this, but I’d say that I’m prompted to log in daily.

So am I. Multiple times a day depending on often I use it. I’m just saying it behaves like an OAuth token expiration.

That could certainly be. I’m logging in using Google credentials, not a direct Leia login.

I’ve tried logging in using email and password. We’ll see if that way sticks.

It didn’t. So, is not just using Google’s OAuth.

Hey everyone, we have a solution for this issue that we’ll be presenting soon. Please bare with us.


Thats fine but i need the APK first i down graded it in accident

Hi @Mr.MiKe3D, please refer to Final Builds for RED Hydrogen One for an update on a solution we offered along with a link to access all final builds available for the RED Hydrogen One device.