Download apps leia loft store

Hello Nima!
I just acquired a Red hydrogen one cell in 2024. Super satisfied!!
could i get some games that could be bought on the now closed leia loft store?
they must be somewhere available?
I think that I saw somewhere in this topic, that It’s been a full year since all the games were free. It would be nice if you made them available again for members even if I buy some
Thank you!

Hi Carole,

We host final builds of Hydrogen apps here for the convenience of the community, offered with no warranty or support.

There are a couple of games available on there which were created by Leia. All other games are owned by the original IP rights holder, so you should reach out to them for builds of their games compatible with RED Hydrogen One.

Very kind Nima for answering me. and thanks to you I already have the final builds! but where can I contact the original IP rights holders to get there games?

However you want. You can email them or use the contact forms on their websites, or reach out over Twitter.