Needed apk

Is there a place I can get the apk for this? I lost it off my Red Hydrogen one when I had to do a factory reset.

Go to the Leia Loft Store,If it doesn’t Open You should Install the latest Version which ist listed Here on the Forums somewhere, where someone else had a similar Problem.

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Hey @bardill1,

As @Johannes_Hainer said, all the Leia apps are available on the LeiaLoft Store. You will be able to redownload it from there.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Guy where is this apk. I just had the newest version of the leia loft store on my red hydrogen aswell and a game i purchased wasnt downloading so I figured I’d sign out and go into my app settings on the phone and delete the cash and the data and it reset it back to the factory red Leia store now it does the same thing the other guys said and I tried to download the APK someone posted and it won’t let me can someone please link me to the APK

For additional posterity, here’s the link:

Thanks it worked for some reason it wasnt letting me download the apk directly and i had to hold it until it says download link that worked. Also I have a question I bought eclipse edge of light from the app store and for some reason it’s not downloading and it says contact whomever

@Mr.MiKe3D Please email and they’ll get you sorted out. Eclipse is a GREAT game!