Turn off shutter sound in camera?

Given these settings, why do I get a loud click when taking pictures in LeiaCam? How can I stop it? I can’t take pictures in quiet places like this.

I understand your frustration. This appears to be a new feature for the camera. I was upset that there was no audible feedback before. I think the click came with the most recent update to the LeiaCam software. I don’t think you can disable it. I don’t understand why the developers did not provide an option to ‘enable | disable’ this in the camera software. Maybe in the next version.

Go to main screen (outside of LeiaCam app), and adjust volume. If the icon on the right above the volume level shows a bell, tap on it until it shows off or vibrate.

I was able to turn it off and on through here.

It is pretty loud and hopefully will have an option for next update.


Thanks, that’s what I ended up doing. It’s a shame that it mutes all notifications, but it’s okay for now.

(I was actually hoping that setting it to vibrate would then give haptic feedback for the shutter button, but that’s not supported.)

Yeah, I was hoping for the same thing.

I do think the shutter sound option is a good idea, just make it separate, optional with the volume level adjustable. I was also hoping for a black frame animation to indicate a picture has been taken.

If you don’t want an audible shutter sound then at least having a flash frame would help.

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