3D models in Leiaplayer

Yesterday I have sent an STL model to a colleague, an engineer also owing a Hydrogen. I wanted to show him how useful was lightfield in our work. But he told me that after receiving it, he was unable to open it, or even seeing it listed when browsing with Leiplayer. Then I have tried and the same happens to me: the stl file no longer seems listed by Leiaplayer. I remember to have used it a few days ago with success. What I’ve made wrong? I’m worried this feature could have been just removed, since in Lume pad there is an app specific for 3D model that was supposed to be available in short time even for H1, according to a statement read sometimes ago, before the announcement that Leia would be no longer supporting H1… Maybe I should direct this question to @john.friday or @Nima

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Hi Nick, thank you for your answer. Actually I’m unable to locate Dicom viewer in Leialoft on my Hydrogen…

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can you post a screen-shot? I’m really unable to locate it. In my Leialoft the only apps listed are : LeiaPix, LeiaPlayer, LeiaFrame, Clay, Dungeon, Holochat, Camera, H101, Aura, Red Hydrogen User Feedback and WRLD Demo…

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Really really strange… nothing. Everything is up-to-date (as matter of fact I always sign also on beta-test programs). My only guess is that there is some regional restriction (I’m in Italy)

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The regal restriction is crap, they should remove it asap,
Otherwise don’t sell Leia gear outside US

Does anyone know how the store determine your region? Maybe using a VPN would let you access the US store.

ip adres or region settings on your google account what you use to login

A friend in California was in fact able to see this software (Dicom) but he was unable to open the STL file that I was used to open in Leiaplayer by this program.

Just an update: after reading around in the web my understanding is that Dicom Viewer is an app to see biomedical models (like radiographic images), not general 3D models, like STL or others. Today I have downloaded the latest Leiaplayer update, but still STL is no longer visible/associated to Leiaplayer. I’m waiting to receive a Lumepad where if I have well understood should be pre-installed another viewer not yet available on Leialoft

Sorry for the confusion Marco!

The app you are looking for is LeiaViewer. It should be available on LeiaLoft.

LeiaPlayer - Pictures and Videos
LeiaViewer - 3D models (like .stl, .obj, .glb)
DICOM Viewer - Only for medical DICOM files

cc @john.friday


But Leiaviewer is not available on Leialoft of Hydrogen, or is also under some regional restriction?

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I’m not sure about that one. @john.friday to answer

I just noticed this as well. I can no longer view STLs on my H1. LeiaPlayer doesn’t recognize them, DICOM is clearly only for .dcm files, and there is no LeiaViewer showing up for me in LeiaLoft.

I sure hope this can be rectified, because I considered the ability to view STLs one of the most impressive and useful features on my H1.


@john.friday Leiaviewer is not available on my H1 for which reason? Regional restriction (so available in US)? Or simply not yet (or will never be) available for H1? Last question: provided that Leiaviewer is not available, capability of LeiaPlayer in reading 3D models has been actually removed or there is any possible issues in our phones (e.g. uninstall and reinstall to let the OS make some association would solve)? Thanks

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Nope, it seems viewing STL is removed from Leiaplayer and shifted to Leia viewer.

Again an option removed from Leia Player that makes the most users of Lightfield with an RH1 again in a Disadvantage.
Only good things keep removed from Leiaplayer, good things as i always said, making Leia Player less and less functional for those using RH1 as not everybody buys a Lumepad.

The phone i have with me all day, not the Lumepad, as the Lumepad is still a disappointment to me.
And Leia software is getting lower and lower on the stairs as changing things removing things to the worse side instead of positive side

I can certainly understand why Leia wouldn’t want to add new Lume Pad features to the H1, but the H1 already had the STL viewing feature long before Lume Pad was released, then it was taken away. Not cool at all.

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That’s my point also.
Why removing things as most of us use RH1, some use Lumepad but not all H4v users.