LeiaPlayer: STL Viewer available now in beta

Hey everyone!

We’re super excited for you to check out the STL viewer in our beta release today! You can access it by opting into the 1.4.10 Beta within the 1.3.2 version release which went live today.

Import an STL object and adjust the brightness, depth, convergence and more. I’ll be updating the thread later this afternoon with some videos for you to check out!


That’s awesome John!
Already opted in for both and trying to load my first STL…
Looks like it prefers Binary STL files?
It there a poly-count limit?
Loaded my half-finished RED Hydrogen model with 71000 vertices and 140000 polys and it works just fine!
From your screenshot I can see that 1m polys are possible.



For anyone who wants to play around:

The idea of different textures and environments is a plus! :+1:

EDIT: Looks like neither the 1.3.2 or the beta 1.3.3 of RED Player detect the STL files in the folders like Leia Player does.


That is awesome!
Been waiting for that, I know some people already asked for this!

Just testing it out.
Thank you @greg for the little test sample was a good thing to start with and test out all the settings!
Goona try my own next. :wink:

It would be awesome, if we could export drawings from Aura directly into it, as a future feature.


You can find free stuff at turbosquid.com and grabcad.com

I made the lego minifigure for the animations and the stuff I rendered for the H4Vuser anniversary.
Feel free to play with it.

If you try to load the files you download and the STL viewer just quits back to the browser, it means that the STL is not in a binary format.


Did some digging from back in the day when we were doing some prototyping for a cute little movie that ended up changing a lot of things.
This one is NOT what appears in any of the movies. It is a blend between the MK2 and what became the weaponized Mk3
Now, the only version I have is a 3D scan of the clay sculpt and the point cloud was insane.
Re-worked most of the parts and adjusted the topology so that it looks closer to a finished thing, but you will find seams if you go digging.
But tried to reduce it and this is what I managed to get:
1.07M polygons and roughly 3.23M vertices.

Leia Player 1.5.0 and Red Player 1.4.10 seem to be handling this pretty well, all things considered :slight_smile:

I won’t be posting this in H4Vuser.

Now, I know this might be asking for too much, but is there any chance we could load image files as textures for a single UV-Map for each file?
Far as I know,STL is for 3D printing and I know very little besides that about the format, but I know it cannot hold a UV.
I’d love some OBJ of FBX support, but maybe VRML is the easiest to implement?