Adobe After Effects Stereo 3D to 4V Conversion Plugin

I am a new hydrogen phone owner and have created some 3D videos. I noticed that there was a post on H4Vuser Forum about Conversion Software Is there any way I would be able to get the plugin to convert my existing videos into the H4V format for perfect 3D playback? I always show my content to people and sometimes the playback is not perfect.

I mostly use:

After Effects
Blender 2.8

and sometimes Premiere Pro when it comes to 3D content.

Thank you so very much any help would be appreciated.


Forgot to mention I am a windows user. :sweat_smile::crazy_face::pray:

Welcome to the forums.

Being a windows user, might be the reason why you do not have access to the software.
However, as I invited you here, and said that I’d tag someone who might be able to help:

@Nima, would you happen to be able to offer any insight, regarding this, please?
(Very greatful for any assistance, you might be able to provide.).

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Hi @bombelkie!

Unfortunately, RED seems to have discontinued their tools. However, feel free to reach out to Hydrogen support and see if they can help you out.

We at Leia do have a tool called LightField Studio which can convert 3D videos into Quad 4V videos, and apply a depth multiplier to them. However, that program is MacOS only for now.

We’re always interested in helping out creators, so thanks for reaching out and let me know if there’s anything else we can do to help you.


Thank you for your help, greatly appreciated.

Thank you @Nima for letting me know and I will contact them. I also have a whole bunch of MPO files and 3D SBS images I would love to get converted for holopix. Love holopix do you know if you would be able to post short vides on there one day?

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First, you’ll need to find a way to convert the MPO’s to SBS. Then, it’s SUPER easy to get SBS files converted and ready for Holopix! All you have to do is append your files with “_full_2x1.jpg”, and replace “full” with “half” if they’re half width. Then, open the files in RED Player. You’ll be able to edit and tune them in there, and when you’re ready, save the edited version and either upload directly to Holopix from there or use the Holopix app to update. Though you can technically upload raw SBS images directly to Holopix, I really recommend doing the editing steps in RED Player to make sure you tweak the images to look the best they can on the Leia DLB display.

I’m not sure Holopix is the right place for videos. I’m personally quite invested in creating an industry-leading application/platform for watching, buying, posting, and sharing lightfield video content. It’ll just be quite a bit of a wait before it materializes :man_shrugging:t4:


Yes, that is what I have been doing with images shot with the W3 adjusting them and putting the right extension _full_2x1.jpg, but when I upload them and view them on the red player they look wrong. the depth doesn’t come through (it looks like it was extruded from a flat surface, plastic-wrapped ). I’ve tried to edit them with the red player and they just become way too distorted. So I’m looking into converting them into 4V _2X2 format. That’s why I’m looking for the After Effects plugin. From seeing the video tutorial it converts it into 4 views which looks like it should work. Im still working to see what I can do to see the 3D images. The camera app seems to do the job correctly its just the existing ones that need some tweaking. There are no complaints about the HYDROGEN ONE what so ever, love the phone. :smile::smiley::grinning::pray:

This is awesome news and cant wait. Sure it will be as successful as HOLOPIX.

I’ve seen that sometimes, but I’ve always been able to fix it by adjusting depth and gain in RED Player. Try to edit the image and see if you can get the results you desire! Or send the images my way and I’ll take a swing at them for you :wink:

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