App to create edit depth map for 2d photos?

Any chance of tablet app to create and edit depth maps for 2d photos?

I’m working on a app called LIF Tools that lets you do various things like extracting depth maps from LIF, 2xN files and other things like combining/aligning photos (similar to 3DSteroid app), cropping 4v images & saving out each image as a separate file or sbs, wiggle grams, generating 3d images and video from horizontally trucking video, and more!

What kind of editing options would you like with regard to depth maps? I may be able to tap into Leia’s SDK for estimating a depth map from a 2d photo, are you hoping to like adjust the intensity of the depth (gain / baseline scaling) / convergence plane (focus point)?

Are you hoping to like… Paint with your finger to adjust depth map directly?

I might be able to bake some of these things into my app if Leia doesn’t beat me to it :smiley:!



Leia will be announcing an app very soon that will satisfy creators need to edit high-quality depth maps for their 2D and LIF images. But it might not be an app for the Lume Pad!

I know I’m being cryptic, but you’ll see what the team has been working hard on very soon :grin:


“Paint with your finger to adjust depth map directly?”
Yes this i would love to have full control. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nintendo 3ds had a paint art program, something like this would be super cool.

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Sound interesting!

In which Language are You writing Your Software? Would be cool to have the Option of such a Software on a Desktop environent. Would be an awesome applicattion If You could select a depth range that’s maybe selected with two sliders in a Slide bar, that then either selects or excludes areas of the Picture for editing and effects, such as color and brightness manipulations, gaussian blur and such. This is just an Idea, and unfortunately I am not a programmer, but this would be cool, also for all other Pictures with a depth map such as Google Lens blur and Apple pics with Depth-Map, and I really don’t get why there isn’t a Program already that implemented this the easy way, not everyone wants to fiddle with masks in Photoshop or Gimp.

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