Discord Server?

I wonder if there‘s an official (or unofficial) Discord server anywhere already.
Coming from the Looking Glass Discord I really miss such a great and active community regarding Leia‘s products.
This forum is kind of ok to get in touch but Discord is much more convenient and has lots of potential to build a dynamic and busy community for getting help, sharing projects and ideas.
If nothing like this exists yet that would be a missed opportunity if you ask me.


We have a Discord, but it’s focused on LeiaPix Converter and our API. Feel free to discuss Lume Pad 2 there though.

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Thanks for your feedback, @naundob! I was actually once managing that server before coming over to Leia! :smiling_face: As Nima said, definitely hop in the discord and feel free to DM with any suggestions for community activities you’d like to participate in! We’re just getting started there so appreciate your input.

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