Holopix 1.16.15 Beta

Holopix Version 1.16 fixes some long-standing bugs and adds some core features for us which will help us make your experience better.

  • Fixed long-standing bug where keyboard would be fullscreen in landscape

  • Fixed bugs when removing and re-adding User Mentions when editing comments and captions

  • Added a network monitoring system to help us understand your network conditions to improve your experience in the future

  • Fixed some loading issues affecting users in very poor network conditions

  • Added a completely overhauled analytics system that will help us understand which features to focus on

The team is really stoked about how Holopix is shaping up. We’ve been in awe at the quality of posts you’ve been sharing. We’ve got some cool stuff lined up in the next couple of releases, so stay tuned!


Awesome news Nima!
Thank you for sharing this :slight_smile: :rocket:

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Looks like Holopix doesn’t like the Gramarly Android Keyboard

@greg We’ve heard this from another User in the past. Unfortunately, we build all of our apps to Android spec, so if there’s a 3rd-party extension being used that runs outside of that spec, we can’t guarantee support for it. That said, the team will take a look and see what we can do.