Kim's Cat Rescue

Hey everyone we have a new app available on LeiaLoft today, Kim’s Cat Rescue

Push, pop, spin, match and manipulate blocks to solve mind-bending puzzles and rescue cats in this meow-tastic match-3 adventure game.

Handcrafted by an award-winning team, Kim’s Cat Rescue tells the story of a would-be hero, Kim. Kim awakens to find herself in a happy and magical world of peaceful tranquillity. All this is shattered by the arrival of a powerful otherworldly force bent on bringing a lasting darkness to the realm. She will need to muster all her courage to save the day and the cats!

Can you bring back the light and free the cats from their prisons and rebuild this once peaceful and happy realm?

Embark on a quest to rebuild the world including 5 mysterious themes in a challenge of true wits, as you fight to end the reign of darkness that brings peril to the island’s cats.

Tease and train your brain in this addicting 3D logic game.