RLL Update 5/22/19

Hey all we have an update to RED Leia Loft today

RED|LeiaLoft v1.0.240

Release Notes:
:black_small_square: Decreased time in between checks for new app updates
:black_small_square: Added app notifications to remind new users to sign in to RED|LeiaLoft app
:black_small_square: Appending some device metadata to the Help Contact form to improve diagnostics
:black_small_square: Enhanced app download performance
:black_small_square: Added region support for Mainland China, Hong Kong
:black_small_square: Security enhancements
:black_small_square: Better error messaging when a user doesn’t have a registered payment method
:black_small_square: Improved data refresh during same user session
:black_small_square: Added a play button over video thumbnails
:black_small_square: Fixed some bugs with Search
:black_small_square: Fixed an issue where app would freeze when put to sleep during splash animation when opening the app
:black_small_square: Fixed an issue with multiple purchase PINs and accounts on a single device
:black_small_square: Fixed an issue where some currencies were not displaying correctly
:black_small_square: Various other bug fixes and improvements