Multiple LeiaPix Accounts?

I don’t see a similar problem posted, but somehow I have 2 LeiaPix accounts. I started the first when I got my first LP1 adding up to 3 pics to test it out. Then I bought 2 more LP1’s, and now 2 LP2’s. Now I went to upload another pic to LeaPix, it loaded ok, but looked like my other pics disappeared. Searching on my name, Greg Taylor, I came up with the two accounts, a few pics in the original account, and the one I just added in the other account.
I’ve started the email dialog via Leia Help, not no resolution yet. I edited the newer account name to G T hoping uploads would default to old account but it appears the default is to the newer account, and I cannot edit the older account which I would prefer to keep adding to.
Anyway, just a heads up in case you’ve see this or understand a possible cause and solution. and be careful not to accidentally create a new account you don’t want. I’m guessing it has something to do with the Leia log in email account. Multiple users on a given LP may want their own LeiaPix account. If so it could get messy if one uses multiple email accounts…me guessing out loud.

Hey Greg,

You can check which account you’re logged into by going to your Profile Page. You can also log out of the account you don’t want to use by going to Settings in your Profile Page (It looks like a gear icon).

Just make sure you’re logged into the account you want and you shouldn’t have any issues.

I’m on an LP1, Settings, don’t see a Profile page, and in Accounts, “Accounts” for Greg" just see routine external accounts. Can you see/verify that my 5 LP’s have the same yahoo email?

It would appear that at some point, a new LeiaPix account was created, and replaced the existing account which I cannot access, but I can access the “new” one…essentially empty…but I see that I can edit and add to it.

In LeiaPix, I can go to the Profile page of the newer account only. I cannot do same for the older one. I only see First and Last Name and Bio…and Cover and Profile Photo …no Settings in the Edit Profile page.

When you’re in LeiaPix, it’s the page with the person icon at the right hand side of navigation menu at the bottom.

That’s your Lume Pad 2 Settings App. You need to be in LeiaPix Settings in the LeiaPix App.

Then you need to go into your LeiaPix App → Profile Page → LeiaPix Settings → Log Out. Then log in with the account you want.

It’s not in the Edit Profile menu. It’s the Gear icon in the top right of your Profile Page. The same page where you see your name, bio, etc. which is the Person icon in the bottom right of the LeiaPix Navigation Menu.

I get the gear only in the newer account, log out, …no choice of account to log back into…when I log in takes me back to the same newer account…no sign of the grear in original account …looks like its locked out, or another person’s but it’s me. I can see that I can just rebuild that new account with the same few pics, bio, etc with nominal effort. BUT if the same happens with someone with many pics…would be a problem. I have no idea how that extra new account got created, but since I bought 5 LP’s I’m not surprised if I did a create new, vs log in on one of the early LP’s. Then again, if one can have multiple accounts, one should be able to access each individually. I’ll keep at it, and sometimes my lightbulbs actually go on!

Even if you’re using the same email address, logging in using just email and password or Google account will be a different account unless you linked the two of them together.

You should try to log in with each method and see if you end up at different accounts.

You have to be logged into the original account to see the Gear Icon.

We have the “Switch Account” feature in LeiaPix to allow people to easily log in with multiple accounts. But you have to know your password and log in for it to work correctly.

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Thanks Nima! I finally understand, logging in with my Google email and Google button took me to that “older” account that I can now access, and in my case, clean up to avoid duplication /confusion. Eric on the Leia Help also helped tun on my light bulbs.