LeiaPix 2.1 Beta

Hey everyone, we’ve just pushed out LeiaPix 2.1 Beta 2. Let us know if you find anything awry!


Hi: a possible minor bug, and here the sequence to reproduce it. 1) I get notification of someone having selected “like” to one of my pictures 2) I click on it, and LeiaPix opens: it shows the picture where I’ve got the like. Now if I click the back button and I look to some other picture in Leiapix, when I change orientation (e.g. there was a picture in landscape while I was looking portrait mode or viceversa) LeiaPix will show again my picture, and not the one I was looking at. The same will happen in other conditions (namely appearing my picture) unless I close LeiaPix and I open it directly, not thru the notification.

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Noticed that too. It keeps doing that until you quit and restart the app, but this isn’t really new, I had this for a long time with older versions already. Annoying nevertheless, and I usually dismiss the phone notification and navigate to Notification page within LeiaPix then.

We’ve just released a LeiaPix 2.1 Hotfix Beta. Beta testers, please download it and let us know if you find anything!


Unable to get stable connection.
Unable to fetch preview

Those are the 2 errors i just got on latest fw beta

@Chillerfpv you’re getting those errors in LeiaPix?

Yes in the latest update from yesterday

@Chillerfpv I’ve confirmed from the team that the server was temporarily down during that time. You shouldn’t be experiencing any errors now.

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Still the bug when changing orientation returning to other picture and section

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Not able to upload to LeiaPix

Hi @cmare40us, what’s your issue? Are you using Hydrogen or Lume Pad? What part of the process fails for you?

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Thank you for your quick response it was on my hydrogen but works now .thank you again

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