LeiaPix 2.4 is now available!

Hey everyone, LeiaPix 2.4 is now available!

LeiaPix 2.4 has a few new features that are going to make your experience even better.

  • LeiaLogin Support has been added, allowing you to have a single account system for all your Leia apps.
  • We fixed the bug where shared links weren’t opening the app to the correct location
  • We fixed the Offline Mode banner bug, so it’ll now disappear as it should when you go to view content
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Give it a download and let us know what you think!


LeiaLogin resolves my issue with logging in to Leia Apps with my Workspace account.
I’m finally logged in to my existing LeiaPix account on my LumePad!
I know this overall change was a significant group effort, & I couldn’t be more grateful!
Thank you Nima & all at Leia!

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Is the beta program still alive? I haven’t seen a beta version in quite awhile.

@Stuart_Fujitani Yes, but we will only release them as needed, like if we need to test a feature live with users before rolling out to others.

Hi do you know of a way to reinstall leia player on a titanium red hydrogen I did install the 3.0 version and screw up everything I tried the apk link for the 2.17 but won’t download say i am not authorized

Hey @cmare40us,

Here’s a link with instructions: